Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
CENSORSHIP including (attempts) to conceal or alter information 16
BFS Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany 56
LOCATION NEW NUCLEAR FACILITY For new plants and waste sites 40
DISCHARGES WATER radioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water 28
BLAYAIS, FRANCE location 4 PWR reactors 3
LUCENS CNL, ZWITSER. CNL Lucens, Switzerland 1
MAINTENANCE shutdown reactor for improvement, safety and maintenance 41
OSKARSHAMN, ZWEDEN Oskarshamn, Sweden 1
FRAMATOME ANP nucl.activiteiten merger of Siemens and Framatome 9
TVO Finnish electricity producer 3
RWE NUKEM nuclear company (UK); in particular dismantling 3
AREVA GROUP The Areva Group, French nucl. company from Cogema and Framatome 9
BREEDER REACTORS Sodium cooled, current model 6
SBK Schnelle Bruter Kernkraftwerksgesellschaft Geselschaft (Kalkar) Essen 1
SOUTH AFRICA country in Africa 16
INHERENTLY SAFE AND NEW 'Inherently safe' and new reactors; including BREST 8
PENLY, FRANCE Penly, France 2
CADARACHE, FRANCE Cadarache; Rhapsody, France 5
PBMR Modular high-efficiency high-temperature reactor 7
SOUTH URALS OF BELOYARSK see Southern Urals and one under construction Beloyarsk 1
ROSENERGOATOM Russian el.bedrijf; Rosatom also called; former Minatom 6
INDONESIA country in Asia 5
KOEBERG location NPPs South Africa 2
CRYPTON all radioactive isotopes; eg. Kr-85 6
NUCLEAR MEDICINE Production and uses medical isotopes; incl. X 2
ACQUISITION Merger and / or acquisition elec. and nuclear power plants 24
ABOVE GROUND WASTE STORAGE only place other than that of production; (from 13/04/04) 23
HARRISBURG location see also TMI 1