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tag description no. of articles
DELTA Zeeland energy: Netherlands 2
DELTA NUCLEAIR BV Delta Nuclear BV, Zeist, Netherlands 1
DEMOCRACY Nuclear power and democracy (incl. Lack of it) 277
DENISON MINES AUS. Denison Mines Australia: part of Denison Mines Canada 9
DENISON MINES INC Denison Mines Inc; Canada 8
DENMARK country in Europe 52
DEPLETED URANIUM residual product of enrichment 508
DEPLETED URANIUM IN WEAPONS KE and depleted uranium; for 'weapons-grade' see NUCLEAR WEAPONS 71
DESALINATION plant for desalination of (sea) water 40
DESSEL, BELGIUM location for manufacturing fuel elements 7
DEUTSCHE BAHN Railways, transports material R.A. 1
DEUTSCHE BANK AG Deutsche Bank A.G. 4
DEVONPORT possible location for waste submarines (GB, Plymouth) 9
DIEGO GARCIA Diego Garcia 2
DIKKERS VALVES BV Ned. company in 70s, production reactor parts 1
DIMITROVGRAD, RUSLAND Research center: ao. BOR-60 FBR 11
DIMONA israel: location secret nuclear weapons production 35
DISCHARGES subdivided into air, land or water 36
DISCHARGES AIR Radioactive discharges and pollution of the air 223
DISCHARGES SOIL Radioactive discharges and soil pollution vd; incl. groundwater 80
DISCHARGES WATER radioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water 462
DISPOSAL OF RADWASTE IN SPACE Plans to shoot radioactive waste into space 6
DODEWAARD location, Netherlands 191
DOE - USA Department of Energy, Department of Energy 810
DOEL, BELGIUM loation, Belgium 121
DONALD C COOK, USA Donald C. Cook, Michigan, USA 26
DONEGAL possible location of uranium mining, Ireland 2