Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
DOPPLER EFFECT Increased absorption at increased temperature 1
DOUGLAS POINT, CANA. PHW / CANDU reactor (1966-1984), Canada 5
DOUNREAY, GB location, UK 737
DRESDEN, USA Dresden, Illinois, USA 46
DRESDEN-ROSSENDORF former GDR; Nuclear Research 35
DRIGG possible waste repository near Sellafield 91
DRINKING WATER groundwater with radioactive substances and effects on drinking water 55
DRURIDGE Location new nuclear power plant, GB 5
DSIN Direction de la Sécurité des Installations nucléaires (Fr) 4
DSM DSM: the State-Mines NV, Heerlen, NL 3
DUANE ARNOLD, USA Duane Arnold, Iowa, USA 12
DUBNA Institute for Nuclear Research near Moscow 3
DUKCHUN Dukchun, PWR reactor, South Korea 1
DUKOVANY, CZECH REPUBLIC Dukovany, Czech Republic 18
DUNGENESS location Kent, UK 51
DUTCH ANTILLES group of islands Caribbean Sea 1
DWK-DEUTSCHE GESELL. German Society for reprocessing of nuclear fuel 31
E-ON German electricity producer, owner nuclear plants 89
EAGLE ALLIANCE American pro-nuclear pressure group 1
EASTERN EUROPE only when no separate countries listed (as of 05/07/04) 14
EBES Subsidiary of Tractebel 6
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London 139
ECN Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (formerly RCN) 323
ECOMET JSC ECOMET-S, enterprise Russia 5
ECRR European Committee on Radiation Risk 4
EDF Electricité de France, Paris 481
EDP (ELECTR. DE PORTUGAL) Portuguese electricity company 1
EDRP Dounreay: European Demonstration Reprocessing Plant 19