Adder Tags

tag description no. of articles
DOPPLER EFFECTIncreased absorption at increased temperature1
DOUGLAS POINT, CANA.PHW / CANDU reactor (1966-1984), Canada5
DOUNREAY, GBlocation, UK737
DRESDEN, USADresden, Illinois, USA46
DRESDEN-ROSSENDORFformer GDR; Nuclear Research35
DRIGGpossible waste repository near Sellafield91
DRINKING WATERgroundwater with radioactive substances and effects on drinking water55
DRURIDGELocation new nuclear power plant, GB5
DSINDirection de la Sécurité des Installations nucléaires (Fr)4
DSMDSM: the State-Mines NV, Heerlen, NL3
DUANE ARNOLD, USADuane Arnold, Iowa, USA12
DUBNAInstitute for Nuclear Research near Moscow3
DUKCHUNDukchun, PWR reactor, South Korea1
DUKOVANY, CZECH REPUBLICDukovany, Czech Republic18
DUNGENESSlocation Kent, UK51
DUTCH ANTILLESgroup of islands Caribbean Sea1
DWK-DEUTSCHE GESELL.German Society for reprocessing of nuclear fuel31
E-ONGerman electricity producer, owner nuclear plants89
EAGLE ALLIANCEAmerican pro-nuclear pressure group1
EASTERN EUROPEonly when no separate countries listed (as of 05/07/04)14
EBESSubsidiary of Tractebel6
EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London139
ECNEnergy research Centre of the Netherlands (formerly RCN)323
ECOMETJSC ECOMET-S, enterprise Russia5
ECRREuropean Committee on Radiation Risk4
EDFElectricité de France, Paris481
EDP (ELECTR. DE PORTUGAL)Portuguese electricity company1
EDRPDounreay: European Demonstration Reprocessing Plant19