Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
RESEARCH INSTITUTEN In the broad sense of the word 6
PERSONS general information HINTS people 3
RADIOACTIVE FOOD Also radioactively contaminated animals and plants 6
REPRESSION police, lawsuits and imprisonment 2
RADIATION MEASUREMENTS also measured transgression norm but see standard height: STR.NORM 3
BELOYARSK, SU (Jekatarinaburg) location 3 (+1 under construction) BN-breeder reactors 1
SOUTH URALS OF BELOYARSK see Southern Urals and one under construction Beloyarsk 1
HEALTH POPULATION healtheffect on population of radioactivity 8
BREEDER REACTORS Sodium cooled, current model 1
MOX Mixed oxide fuel, commonly referred to as MOX fuel, is nuclear fuel that contains more than one oxide of fissile material, usually consisting of plutonium blended with natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium. 1
PLUTONIUM environment, use, production, discussion transuranic 4
PROLIFERATION proliferation of nuclear technology / material / knowledge 1
COOPERATION between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en 9
IRIDIUM All isotopes 1
COBALT All isotopes 1
ACCIDENTS REMAINDERS including leaks (nuclear weapons and submarines etc.) 3
TRANSPORTS GENERAL Nuclear transports general 1
CONGRESS incl. workshops 1
DEMOCRACY Nuclear power and democracy (incl. Lack of it) 7
IEER Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (US) 1
KRASNOYARSK, SU Kransnoyarsk, SU 2
LOS ALAMOS, NM, USA Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA 2
DISCHARGES AIR Radioactive discharges and pollution of the air 2
CLEANUP SITES Remediation and restoration (no dismantling facilities) 3
SGR Scientists for Global Responsibility 2
NUCLEAR WEAPONS nuclear weapons in general 7
MILITARY USES dual use 5
NOVOSIBIRSK Russia; fuel fabrication enrichment (HEU) and chem. U-fabr 1