Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ARGENTINE country, capital Buenos Aires 8
ARMENIA, SU Armenia, SU 1
ASIA continent 1
ASN Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire Française 2
ASSE, GERMANY Waste storage & research-facility 49
ATOMFORUM (BRD) Deutsches Atomforum, Bonn 14
ATOMIC STATE disqualification, pressure to resign, censorship 119
ATOMSTROYEXPORT electricity company (Russia) 1
ATOOMTERRORISME eg dirty bomb 13
ATUCHA, ARGENTINIA location 2 PHWR reactors 4
AUSTRALIA country, capital Canberra 39
AUSTRIA country in Europe 18
AWARD incl. Nominations / preparation; also for most-maligned 1
BANGLADESH country in Asia 2
BARNWELL, USA Barnwell, South Carolina, USA 1
BARSEBÄCK, SWEDEN Location of 2 BWR reactors 10
BATAAN, PHILIPPINES location of 2 PWR reactors (canceled) 3
BELARUS country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 6
BELENE, BULGARIA Belene, Bulgaria 5
BELGIUM country, capital Brussels 7
BELGONUCLÉAIRE Belgonucléaire 1
BELOYARSK, SU (Jekatarinaburg) location 3 (+1 under construction) BN-breeder reactors 3
BENKEN Switzerland; possible final storage location high radioactive waste 10
BERYLLIUM Beryllium 1
BEVERLEY uranium mine, Australia 1
BEWAG - BERL.KRAFT.. Berliner Kraft und Licht AG 1
BEZNAU, ZWITSERLAND nuclear power plant Beznau, Switzerland 5
BFE Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland 1
BFS Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany 56