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tag description no. of articles
BORSSELElocation of 1 PWR reactor, Netherlands23
BRAZILcountry in South America, capital: Brasilia2
BREEDER REACTORSSodium cooled, current model26
BROKDORF, GERMANYBrokdorf, Germany4
BULGARIAcountry in Europe, capital: Sofia1
BWRBoiling water reactor; including ABWR, SWR 1000 ESBWR6
CADARACHE, FRANCECadarache; Rhapsody, France2
CANADAcountry (North) America, hoofdstad: Ottawa6
CANCELLATIONstop building program / planning3
CANDUtechnical information; This also includes PHWR10
CDFR, GBCommercial Demonstration Fast Reactor, GB1
CEAFrance: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique5
CEGBG-B: Central Electricity Generating Board2
CERN - GENEVEparticle accelerator and basic research1
CESIUMAll isotopes2
CHALK RIVER NUCL.LABChalk River Nuclear Laboratories, Canada1
CHERNOBYL4 reactors in Ukraine1
CHERNOBYL -DISASTERaccident (26-4-86) and effects in reactor 421
CHINAcountry in Asia3
CHOOZ, FRANCEChooz, France1
CLAY(Investigation) nuclear waste storage in clay1
CLINCH RIVER, USAClinch River, Tennessee, USA2
CLOSUREfinally closing a nuclear plant6
COFRENTES, SPANJECofrentes, Spain2
COGEMACogema (Compagnie Generale des matières nucléaires)2
COMECONeconomic cooperation Warsaw Pact4
CONGRESSincl. workshops31
CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT(Installations) international + Netherlands65
CONTAMINATIONRadioactive contamination17