Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ATOOMTERRORISME eg dirty bomb 15
AUSTRALIA country, capital Canberra 274
AUSTRIA country in Europe 4
B&W NUCLEAR SERVICE B & W Nuclear Service Co. 1
BABCOCK AND WILCOX Babcock and Wilcox USA 1
BARSEBÄCK, SWEDEN Location of 2 BWR reactors 7
BATAAN, PHILIPPINES location of 2 PWR reactors (canceled) 1
BECHTEL Bechtel 1
BELANGENVERSTRENGELING between industry and 'independent' organization 3
BELARUS country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 10
BELGIUM country, capital Brussels 7
BELOYARSK, SU (Jekatarinaburg) location 3 (+1 under construction) BN-breeder reactors 1
BERYLLIUM Beryllium 2
BEVERLEY uranium mine, Australia 15
BEZNAU, ZWITSERLAND nuclear power plant Beznau, Switzerland 1
BIG ROCK POINT, USA Big Rock Point, Michigan, USA 2
BILLA KALINA (Potential) nuclear waste repository, Australia 3
BIRMA Myanmar, country in Asia, capital Naypyidaw 2
BLIX, HANS IAEA Director General 1981-1997 1
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG) 45
BOHUNICE, SLOVAKIA 4 & 1 GCHWR location VVER reactors 2
BRADWELL, GB Bradwell, UK 4
BRAIDWOOD, USA Braidwood, Illinois, USA 1
BRAZIL country in South America, capital: Brasilia 4
BREEDER REACTORS Sodium cooled, current model 5
BRITISH ENERGY english company after privatization 14
BROOKHAVEN-BNL Brookhaven National Laboratry 1
BROWNS FERRY, USA Browns Ferry, Alabama, USA 4
BRUCE, CANADA Bruce, Canada 8
BRUNSWICK, USA Brunswick, North Carolina, USA 1