Adder Tags

tag description no. of articles
HIMLADEN Underground opslagloctie, Norway 1
HINKLEY POINT location United Kingdom 108
HIROSHIMA Hiroshima / Nagasaki (Japan), the first nuclear bombs 69
HISTORY OF NUCLEAR Also installations, countries etc. 407
HITACHI Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Company Ltd 35
HKG-HOCHTEMP.KERNKR. Hochtemperatur-Kernkraftwerk GmbH 2
HMI Onderzoeksreaktor Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin 20
HOECHST German chemicals group, also in Nederl. 4
HOGE FLUX Reactor type 29
HOMER, VS one of the locations of LES 1
HONDURAS Country in Central America 1
HONEYMOON Uranium Mining 52
HONGKONG Hong Kong 4
HONGYANHE Nuclear power plant in Liaoning; China 2
HOPE CREEK, NJ, USA Hope Creek, New Jersey, USA 21
HRB -HOCHTEMP.REAKT. Hochtemperatur- Reaktorbau GmbH 1
HRI Hydro Resources Inc. 18
HSK Switz .: Hauptabteilung für die Sicherheit der Kernanlagen 10
HTR high temperature reactors; including HTGR, THTR 331
HUIAN Reactor in southern Fujian province, China 2
HUMBOLDT BAY, USA Humboldt Bay, California, USA 19
HUNGARY land in Central Europe 90
HUNTERSTON, GB location United Kingdom 68
HUNTINGTON Huntington, West Virginia, USA 1
HYDROGEN PRODUCTION Use of nuclear power for production of hydrogen 46
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna 1070
IBERDROLA Spanish company 2
IBERDUERO Iberduero, Spain 2
ICELAND country in Europe 2