Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
BIBLIS, GERMANY location 2 PWR reactors 16
BIG ROCK POINT, USA Big Rock Point, Michigan, USA 2
BILIBINO, SU Bilibino, SU 1
BILLITON BV Billiton BV, Holland Metallurgical Industry Arnhem 1
BLOCK HEATING by nuclear power 2
BNDC British Nuclear Design & Construction 5
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG) 20
BODEM VERVUILING contents of this keyword is to Lozingen-bodem 1
BOHUNICE, SLOVAKIA 4 & 1 GCHWR location VVER reactors 3
BONUS Boiling Nuclear (Super Heat) - reactor 1
BORAX V Borax V, American type of reactor 3
BORIUM Boron 3
BORSSELE location of 1 PWR reactor, Netherlands 40
BOSTON EDISON Boston Edison 1
BRADWELL, GB Bradwell, UK 6
BRAZIL country in South America, capital: Brasilia 8
BREEDER REACTORS Sodium cooled, current model 214
BREEDERREACTOR (GASCOOLED) Gas-cooled breeder reactor 19
BRODALEN (Poss.) Location power plant west coast of Sweden 1
BROOKHAVEN-BNL Brookhaven National Laboratry 5
BROWNS FERRY, USA Browns Ferry, Alabama, USA 6
BRUCE, CANADA Bruce, Canada 1
BRUNSBUTTEL, GERMANY Brunsbüttel, Germany 4
BRUNSWICK, USA Brunswick, North Carolina, USA 1
BUGEY, FRANCE Bugey, France 9
BULGARIA country in Europe, capital: Sofia 4
BUSHEHR, IRAN Bushehr, Iran 1
BWR Boiling water reactor; including ABWR, SWR 1000 ESBWR 83
CADARACHE, FRANCE Cadarache; Rhapsody, France 10
CALDER HALL, GB location Plutonium reactors at Windscale 7