Adder Tags

tag description no. of articles
CEZElectricity producer, Czech Republic7
CHALK RIVER NUCL.LABChalk River Nuclear Laboratories, Canada1
CHASHMA, PAKISTANChashma, Chasnupp, Pakistan1
CHELYABINSKRussia: renamed Ozersk; see also MAYAK, ACCIDENT, OPW., milit.2
CHERNOBYL4 reactors in Ukraine8
CHERNOBYL -DISASTERaccident (26-4-86) and effects in reactor 426
CHILEcountry in (South) America1
CHIN-SHAN, TAIWANChin-Shan, Taiwan1
CHINAcountry in Asia26
CHUBU EPCOChubu Electric Power Co.1
CHURCH ROCKUranium Mining; USA2
CHURCHESopinion of churches about nuclear energy2
CIGAR LAKECigar Lake; uranium mining, Canada1
CITY COUNCILDecision position, discussion .. (of course also abroad)19
CIVAUX, FRANCECivaux, France3
CLABSweden, underground interim storage1
CLAY(Investigation) nuclear waste storage in clay1
CLEANUP SITESRemediation and restoration (no dismantling facilities)4
CLOSUREfinally closing a nuclear plant82
CNNCChina National Nuclear Corporation; China1
COBALTAll isotopes4
COGEMACogema (Compagnie Generale des matières nucléaires)17
COMICFiction / Comic Strip2
COMINCO LTDCOMINAK, Compagnie des Mines d'Akouta, Niger2
CONFRENTESSpain, BWR reactor near Valencia1
CONGRESSincl. workshops110
CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT(Installations) international + Netherlands252
CONTAMINATIONRadioactive contamination106