Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
IRAQ country in Middle East 1
IRI DELFT Interuniversity Reactor Institute (High Education Reactor) 2
IRPA International Radiation Protection Association 3
ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor 2
JAPAN country in Asia 3
KAZAKHSTAN country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 1
KEMA Dutch company for Inspection of Electro technical materials 3
LA HAGUE, FRANCE reprocessing; see also LA MANCHE; Waste is close 1
LEGAL legal procedings (eg. by or against anti-nuclear movement) 9
LEGISLATION international (or national) legislation on nuclear energy 43
LIABILITY Legislation: countries, companies, accidents 2
LIFETIME EXTENSION Lifetime extension of reactors 3
LOBBY COMPANIES General several companies 2
LOCATION NEW NUCLEAR FACILITY For new plants and waste sites 3
MAP geographical map with locations and / or transport routes 4
MARALINGA Test area U.K nuclear tests Australia 1
MARSHALL ISLANDS Bikini test area including USA, possible waste location 1
MILITARY USES dual use 4
MISCELLANIOUS other than: sterilization, agriculture, food irradiation, NDT 4
MOL Belgium, waste storage, See EUROCHEMIC for old reprocessing installation. 1
MOX Mixed oxide fuel, commonly referred to as MOX fuel, is nuclear fuel that contains more than one oxide of fissile material, usually consisting of plutonium blended with natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium. 1
NATO NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 1
NATURAL RADIATION also called background radiation 2
NIGERIA country in Africa 1
NIKHEF Nat. Inst. advantages and High Energy Physics; Amsterdam 1
NIRAS Belgium: Agency for Radioactive waste and Fissile Materials 1