Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
LA CROSSE, USA La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA 1
MILLSTONE, CONN. USA Location reactors 1 BWR and PWR 2 1
RANCHO SECO, USA Rancho Seco, California, USA 1
TROJAN Trojan, USA 1
POLITIEK nuclear energy policy 12
GEORGIA country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 1
INDUSTRIAL USE industrial uses radio-active sources 11
TEMELIN location two VVER reactors, Czech Republic 6
STADE, GERMANY location 1 PWR reactor 3
UNTERWESER, DUITSL. location 1 PWR reactor 4
START UP putting into use 8
NATURAL RADIATION also called background radiation 13
IRELAND country in Europe 5
SABOTAGE sabotage of nuclear facilities 6
RETRIEVABILITY accessible keep waste in underground storage 2
RSK - DLD Reaktorsicherheitskommission, Germany 13
WISE World Information Service on Energy (incl later. NIRS) 2
YUGOSLAVIA country in Europe (after 1-1-1997 different countries) 3
KOSOVO ex-Yugoslavia 6
MILITARY ATTACKS consequences of military attacks on nuclear facilities 2
NATO NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 2
REFERENDUM referendum, also local, regional 3
TRANSPORTS GENERAL Nuclear transports general 2
URANIUMHEXAFLUORIDE Uranium hexafluoride 1
GEESTHACHT Geesthacht, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 20
GUNDREMMINGEN, GERMANY Gundremmingen, Germany 13
GKSS Gesellschaft für Nuclear Verwertung in Schiffbau & Sfahrt 33
PHILIPSBURG, DUITSL. location 2 reactors (BWR 1 & 1 PWR) 6
NECKAR(-WESTHEIM) location 2 PWR reactors, Germany 8