Adder Tags

tag description no. of articles
WESTINGHOUSE Westinghouse Elec. Corporation Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 4
DWK-DEUTSCHE GESELL. German Society for reprocessing of nuclear fuel 2
GORLEBEN, GERMANY waste storage castor and salt domes. No Sch. Konrad and PKA 3
GOESGEN, ZWITSERLAND location 1 PWR Switzerland 3
REFERENDUM referendum, also local, regional 4
SWITZERLAND country in Europe 13
BODEM VERVUILING contents of this keyword is to Lozingen-bodem 2
DENMARK country in Europe 1
GUNDREMMINGEN, GERMANY Gundremmingen, Germany 1
MONTICELLO, USA Monticello, Minnesota, USA 1
PWR Pressurized water reactor 5
GAS REACTORS gas cooled and advanced 1
GRAND GULF, USA Grand Gulf, Mississippi, USA 2
TRANSPORTS GENERAL Nuclear transports general 2
DOUNREAY, GB location, UK 6
IEA International Energy Agency, Brussels 1
NEA Department OECD Nuclear Energy Agency 7
HALDEN, NORWAY OECD heavy water research reactor 3
CRYPTON all radioactive isotopes; eg. Kr-85 2
BEZNAU, ZWITSERLAND nuclear power plant Beznau, Switzerland 1
OYSTER CREEK, NJ,USA Oyster Creek, New Jersey, USA 1
HOGE FLUX Reactor type 1
HTR high temperature reactors; including HTGR, THTR 6
LITHIUM Lithium 1
ACCIDENTS REMAINDERS including leaks (nuclear weapons and submarines etc.) 2
AGR Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor 1
BMD Broad Public Discussion 27
SHIPPINGPORT, USA Shippingport, Pennsylvania, USA 2