Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
GORLEBEN, GERMANY waste storage castor and salt domes. No Sch. Konrad and PKA 3
GOVERNMENT State Directors (see parliament to parliament) 1
GRAFENRHEINFELD Grafenrheinfeld, Germany 2
GRAND GULF, USA Grand Gulf, Mississippi, USA 2
GREENHOUSE EFFECT Global warming 9
GROHNDE, GERMANY Grohnde, Germany 1
GUNDREMMINGEN, GERMANY Gundremmingen, Germany 1
HALDEN, NORWAY OECD heavy water research reactor 3
HAMM, THTR, DUITSL. Thorium High Temperature Reaktor, THTR 2
HARTSVILLE, USA Hartsville, Tennessee, USA 1
HARWELL Research center, GB 1
HEALTH POPULATION healtheffect on population of radioactivity 22
HEALTH see: HEALTH POPULATION contents of this keyword is to population health 12
HFR High Flux Reactor (Petten) 32
HIROSHIMA Hiroshima / Nagasaki (Japan), the first nuclear bombs 3
HISTORY OF NUCLEAR Also installations, countries etc. 13
HOGE FLUX Reactor type 1
HTR high temperature reactors; including HTGR, THTR 6
HUNGARY land in Central Europe 1
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna 28
ICK Dutch Inter Parlemental Atomic Energy Commission 4
ICRP International Commission on Radiation Protection 22
IDAHO NEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), USA 3
IEA International Energy Agency, Brussels 1
ILONA Integral National Research Nuclear Waste 3
IMPORTANCE NUCLEAR IN TOTAL ENERGYPRODUCTION interest in total production (by country; see otherwise GLOBAL IMPORTANCE OF NUCLEAR POWER). 52
IN SITU LEACHING In Situ Leaching, mining technology 1
INDIA country in Asia 3
INDONESIA country in Asia 1