Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
PWR Pressurized water reactor 81
HTR high temperature reactors; including HTGR, THTR 91
AGESTA, SWEDEN Agesta, Sweden 6
SPRINGFIELDS, GB Springfields, GB 1
DISCHARGES AIR Radioactive discharges and pollution of the air 14
SHIPPINGPORT, USA Shippingport, Pennsylvania, USA 8
ARGONNE EBWR, USA EBWR Argonne, Illinois, USA 5
SIZEWELL, GB location 3 reactors (Magnox 2 & 1 PWR) 6
WYLFA, GB location two Magnox reactors 3
ACTINIDEN actinide burning and research 5
CRYPTON all radioactive isotopes; eg. Kr-85 4
AMERICIUM All isotopes 5
MIDLE EAST Middle East 1
OSKARSHAMN, ZWEDEN Oskarshamn, Sweden 10
OBNINSK, SU Location of SU reactors, type BR5 and APS 4
AEG Company: AEG ag, Frankfurt / Berlin 20
BONUS Boiling Nuclear (Super Heat) - reactor 1
PATHFINDER, SD, USA Pathfinder, South Dakota, USA 1
FUEL FABRICATION Also deliveries to power plants 34
GUNDREMMINGEN, GERMANY Gundremmingen, Germany 9
ADRESSEN article or list of addresses 11
LABOUR POLICY company policies regarding personel as well as wider 10
PERSONS general information HINTS people 21
COMMONWEALTH EDISON, VS electr.mij .; owner, inter alia, of Dresden, Quad Cities 2
DRESDEN, USA Dresden, Illinois, USA 16
AMERSHAM INTERNAT. business, production mediese isotopes 3
NUCLEAR ENERGY SCENARIO future expectation / vision role of nuclear energy 22
FERMI, USA Fermi, Michigan, USA 11