Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
KARLSRUHE, GERMANY Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany 29
COOPERATION between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en 182
INIS International Nuclear Information System (content) 2
DANFYSIK Danfysik A / S, Jyllinge, Denmark 1
BRAZIL country in South America, capital: Brasilia 8
WUERGASSEN, DUITSL. location 1 BWR reactor 14
NERSA owner Superphenix Central nuclear rapides a neutrons. 5
DEUTSCHE BANK AG Deutsche Bank A.G. 1
ELECTRO WATT Swiss engineering company, Zurich 1
LEIBSTADT, SWISS Leibstadt, Switzerland 7
SWITZERLAND country in Europe 32
HEALTH see: HEALTH POPULATION contents of this keyword is to population health 10
NATURAL RADIATION also called background radiation 3
BROOKHAVEN-BNL Brookhaven National Laboratry 5
ITAL Institute of Atomic Energy Application in Agriculture, Wageningen 20
LOFT Loss Of Fluid Test 4
RÖNTGEN TECHN.DIENST Rontgen Technische Dienst BV Rotterdam 1
CANADA country (North) America, hoofdstad: Ottawa 46
BORIUM Boron 3
PHILIPSBURG, DUITSL. location 2 reactors (BWR 1 & 1 PWR) 3
GREENHOUSE EFFECT Global warming 2
THEFT / MISSING Theft + loss + DIY 2
PUGWASH Int.Org. issues of peace / environmental means. Conferences / publication. 3
SABOTAGE sabotage of nuclear facilities 3
RADIOACTIVITY GENERAL Radioactivity - general 2
QUAD CITIES, USA Quad Cities, Illinois, USA 3
PS E&G Public Service Electric & Gas, USA 2
ZUID HOLLAND Dutch province 1