Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
COMANCHE PEAK, USA Comanche Peak, Texas, USA 2
CONGRESS incl. workshops 10
CONSTELLATION ENERGY Constellation Energy; USA 11
CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT (Installations) international + Netherlands 698
CONTAMINATION Radioactive contamination 10
COOPER, USA Cooper, Nebraska, USA 15
COOPERATION between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en 178
CORWM Committe on Radioactive Waste Management; Nirex 'successor 5
COST - GENERAL Overall energy costs 12
COST COMPARISON in cash and / or for profit 22
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY Atomic energy costs 473
COVRA Netherlands: Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste 2
CROATIA country, former Yugoslavia 7
CRUAS MEYSSE Meysse Cruas, France 1
CRYSTAL RIVER, VS Crystal River, USA 5
CUBA country (Central) America 1
CZECH REPUBLIC country in Europe, part of former Czechoslovakia 47
DAE, INDIA Department of Atomic Energy, India 3
DARLINGTON, CANADA Darlington, Canada 5
DAVIS-BESSE Davis-Besse reactor, USA 34
DAYA BAY PWR reactor: Guangdong, China 6
DECOMMISSIONING reactor decommissioning; incl. nuclear weapons 103
DEMOCRACY Nuclear power and democracy (incl. Lack of it) 3
DENISON MINES AUS. Denison Mines Australia: part of Denison Mines Canada 4
DENISON MINES INC Denison Mines Inc; Canada 7
DENMARK country in Europe 2
DEPLETED URANIUM residual product of enrichment 11
DESALINATION plant for desalination of (sea) water 3