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tag description no. of articles
DESSEL, BELGIUMlocation for manufacturing fuel elements1
DIMITROVGRAD, RUSLANDResearch center: ao. BOR-60 FBR1
DIMONAisrael: location secret nuclear weapons production1
DISCHARGESsubdivided into air, land or water2
DISCHARGES AIRRadioactive discharges and pollution of the air2
DISCHARGES SOILRadioactive discharges and soil pollution vd; incl. groundwater2
DISCHARGES WATERradioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water7
DODEWAARDlocation, Netherlands1
DOE - USADepartment of Energy, Department of Energy150
DOEL, BELGIUMloation, Belgium2
DONALD C COOK, USADonald C. Cook, Michigan, USA5
DOUNREAY, GBlocation, UK11
DRESDEN, USADresden, Illinois, USA8
DRIGGpossible waste repository near Sellafield1
DUANE ARNOLD, USADuane Arnold, Iowa, USA8
DUKCHUNDukchun, PWR reactor, South Korea1
DUKOVANY, CZECH REPUBLICDukovany, Czech Republic4
DUNGENESSlocation Kent, UK4
E-ONGerman electricity producer, owner nuclear plants11
EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London29
ECNEnergy research Centre of the Netherlands (formerly RCN)5
ECOMETJSC ECOMET-S, enterprise Russia1
EDFElectricité de France, Paris61
EDUCATIONregarding nuclear energy course4
EL CABRIL (SPANJE)Storage lava / mava in Cordoba province1
EL DABAA, EGYPTEEl Dabaa, Egypt1