Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
MUHLEBERG location Switzerland, 1 BWR reactor 1
BABCOCK AND WILCOX Babcock and Wilcox USA 1
GAMMASTER BV Gammaster BV, Ede, NL 1
HARWELL Research center, GB 1
EUROCHEMIC (BELGOPR) reprocessing plant in Mol, Belgium 1
PROLIFERATION proliferation of nuclear technology / material / knowledge 1
PHOSPHATES / PHOSPHOR uranium mining from phosphor / phosphates 1
AGR Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor 1
EPA Environmental Protection Agency, USA 1
IN SITU LEACHING In Situ Leaching, mining technology 1
WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, US New Mexico 1
BARNWELL, USA Barnwell, South Carolina, USA 1
EXXON NUCLEAR COMP. Exxon Nuclear Company Richland, Washington 1
WEST VALLEY, NFS,USA Nuclear Fuel Services, New York, USA 1
ALSTHOM Alsthom, Paris 1
JCAE Joint Committee on Atomic Energy 1
ELECTRICITY COMPANIES Electricity Companies 1
IEA International Energy Agency, Brussels 1
WINFRITH SGHWR, GB location of 2 reactors (SGHWR & HTGR) 1
CERN - GENEVE particle accelerator and basic research 1
ZWO Dutch Foundation for Cientific Research & Hague 1
POLAND country in Europe 1
JOYO location Japan, fast breeder test reactor 1
NEW HAVEN, NY, USA New Haven, New York, USA 1
NITZANIM (Possible) location NPP Israel 1
LIABILITY Legislation: countries, companies, accidents 1
LEGAL legal procedings (eg. by or against anti-nuclear movement) 1
WYHL, GERMANY location PWR reactor (canceled) 1
MARCOULE, FRANCE Marcoule, France 1
RAPSODIE, FRANCE Rhapsody, France 1