Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ERDENE GOLD INC Mining, Mongolia 2
ESBWR European Simplified Boiling Water Reactor 1
ESKOM see also ESCOM electr. company in South Africa 7
ESTLAND country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 4
EU / EC European Union (previously European Economic Community) 160
EUNICE, US one of the locations of LES 1
EURATOM EU treaty 15
EURODIF SA see also Pierrelatte enrichment plant 17
EUROPE Continent 4
EUROPEISERING unification energy and atomic energy industry 10
EXELON CORPORATION USA owner nucl. factories, engaged in development PBMR 37
EXELON ELECTRIC & GAS Exelon Corp. and PSEG merger; USA 1
EXIM - BANK US: export-import bank 1
EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH fundamental (particles) 2
EXPORT import and export; No power! (See IMPORT than ATOMIC POWER) 97
FALL-OUT Radioactive substance which is precipitated out of the air 1
FARLEY Farley, USA 2
FERMI, USA Fermi, Michigan, USA 2
FESSENHEIM location, France 1
FINANCING being no subsidy; also related to KE / Nuclear Weapons 45
FINLAND Finland 69
FIRST ENERGY (FENOC) FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company: US 2
FITZPATRICK Fitzpatrick reactor, USA 3
FLAMANVILLE EPR, FRANCE location future EPR; France 9
FLOATING POWER Power reactors 3
FLOATING POWER REACTOR provides energy meant for elsewhere (not for propulsion) 1
FLORIDA POWER&LIGHT Florida Power & Light Co. 10
FOE Friends of the Earth, int. environmental organization (1969-) 2
FORATOM Lobby for the nuclear industry in the EU 2