Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ABOVE GROUND WASTE STORAGE only place other than that of production; (from 13/04/04) 1
ACQUISITION Merger and / or acquisition elec. and nuclear power plants 1
ACTINIDEN actinide burning and research 3
ACTIONS Actions re. nuclear power 1
ALMELO Urenco enrichment plant, Netherlands 1
ALTO LAZIO, ITALIA Alto Lazio, Montalto di Castro, Italy 1
ANDRA France, in charge of nuclear waste storage 1
ANGARSK Enrichment Plant (alt.) Environment Irkutsk, Siberia 1
AP-600 AP-600 (and AP-1000) new types of reactors Westinghouse 3
AREVA GROUP The Areva Group, French nucl. company from Cogema and Framatome 4
AUSTRALIA country, capital Canberra 2
BELANGENVERSTRENGELING between industry and 'independent' organization 1
BELGIUM country, capital Brussels 3
BMD Broad Public Discussion 1
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG) 2
BORSSELE location of 1 PWR reactor, Netherlands 20
BRUCE, CANADA Bruce, Canada 1
BURE Location (research laboratory) waste storage: France 1
BUSHEHR, IRAN Bushehr, Iran 1
BWR Boiling water reactor; including ABWR, SWR 1000 ESBWR 3
CADARACHE, FRANCE Cadarache; Rhapsody, France 1
CALDER HALL, GB location Plutonium reactors at Windscale 1
CAMECO Cameco Corporation 1
CANADA country (North) America, hoofdstad: Ottawa 2
CAP GEMINI SOGETI Cap Gemini Sogeti 2
CENTRIFUGES way to enrich uranium 2
CHAPELCROSS, GB Chapel Cross, GB 1
CHERNOBYL -DISASTER accident (26-4-1986) and effects in reactor 4 3
CHINA country in Asia 11
CIGAR LAKE Cigar Lake; uranium mining, Canada 1