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trefwoord omschrijving aantal artikelen
ACCIDENTS REMAINDERS including leaks (nuclear weapons and submarines etc.) 1
ACQUISITION Merger and / or acquisition elec. and nuclear power plants 1
AECL Atomic Energy Canada Limited, Ottawa, Ontario 1
AMERGEN AmerGen Energy Company, a joint venture PECO; USA 1
ARGENTINE country, capital Buenos Aires 1
BARSEBÄCK, SWEDEN Location of 2 BWR reactors 1
BELANGENVERSTRENGELING between industry and 'independent' organization 1
BRAZIL country in South America, capital: Brasilia 1
BRITISH ENERGY english company after privatization 2
BRUCE, CANADA Bruce, Canada 1
BUSHEHR, IRAN Bushehr, Iran 1
BWR Boiling water reactor; including ABWR, SWR 1000 ESBWR 4
CAMECO Cameco Corporation 1
CANADA country (North) America, hoofdstad: Ottawa 1
CENSORSHIP including (attempts) to conceal or alter information 3
CLINTON, USA Reactor, Illinois, USA 1
CONGRESS incl. workshops 1
COOPERATION between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en 2
COST - GENERAL Overall energy costs 1
COST COMPARISON in cash and / or for profit 1
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY Atomic energy costs 6
DAVIS-BESSE Davis-Besse reactor, USA 1
DECOMMISSIONING reactor decommissioning; incl. nuclear weapons 2
DEPLETED URANIUM IN WEAPONS KE and depleted uranium; for 'weapons-grade' see NUCLEAR WEAPONS 1
DOE - USA Department of Energy, Department of Energy 3
EDF Electricité de France, Paris 2
ELBARADEI, MOHAMED IAEA Director General 1997 - 1
ELECTRICITY COMPANIES Electricity Companies 2