Adder: Third Opinion

City: Sydney, Australie
number 147
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Nuclear power has lost its oldest and...2003-01-01The Independent Oct 27, 2002
The US, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Britain, ...2003-01-01Japan Times Sep, 2002
Stop press2003-01-01James Cusick; Felecity Arbunhnot; Sunday Herald Dec.22, 2002
Leak as much as you like2003-01-01The World Today ABC Sep 12/ABC Oct, 2002
Put it in writing2003-01-01ABC Dec 5/AAP Sep 6,2002
Massive expansion announces without feasibility study2003-01-01The Australian Oct 20, 2002
Rally focuses on health safety2003-01-01ABC Sep 22, 2002
So vulnerable it should be closed2003-01-01The Australian; Greenpeace; Sun Herald Oct 2002
If there's a quid in it...In 2001, ...2003-01-01BBC, Sep, 2002
In Sep. 23, more than 1500 dead fish...2003-01-01Asbury Park Press Sep 25, 2002
More than 1100 anti-nuclear protesters...2003-01-01AAP Oct 6, 2002
spain's economics minister announced...2003-01-01WISE-NIRS Oct 18, 2002
People used to smuggle a couple of...2003-01-01Pravda Oct 8, 2002
An emergency drill at the Oak Ridge Y-...2003-01-01Oak Ridger Sep 26, 2002
Don't send them the waste2003-01-01Sydney Morning Herald Nov 2/ ABC AM Sep 7/ ABC Nov 30, 2002
Could think of a few names...2003-01-01Sydney Morning Herald Nov 28, 2002
How long can they keep this up?2003-01-01AP Sep 9/Daily Mail/The Independent Sep6/ BBC Sep 26,Oct 2..
One option: allow BE to fail2003-01-01The Gardian Sep 13,15/ The Independent Sep 29,2002
And this is what the industry is banking on?2003-01-01Cape Times Nov 15, 2002
Scientists in India say the country could...2003-01-01Christian Science Monitor Oct 11, 2002
An employee of the St. Lucie Nuclear...2003-01-01Channel WPBF Oxt 22, 2002
Organisers estimate 10,000 people from...2003-01-01AP Oct 21, 2002
Residents keep vigil2003-01-01NewClear News Sep 2002
Food labelling: Anything but "irradiated"2003-01-01Canadian Broadcasting Company Oct 11, 2002
85,000 baby teeth to be tested for Sep 13, 2002
Believe it or not: Dit a UFO ease the crisis?2003-01-01Translated by Dmitry Sudakov; Pravda Sep 16, 2002
Britain's framers still counting the cost2003-01-01
Several pople have been charged with selling radioactive uranium rods from...2003-01-01Pravde Sept 28, 2002
canada's abandoned u-mines: Now for the big clean-up2003-01-01Canadian Press Sep 26/Globe and Mail Sep 25/SES Newsletter..
On Sep. 27, Thailand's administrative ...2003-01-01Bangkok Post Sep 28,2002
Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and...2003-01-01Nuke Info Tokyo Sep-Oct 2002
Russia's Federal Security Service has...2003-01-01AP Nov 22, 2002
More than a hundred anti-nuclear ...2003-01-01Taipei Times Sep 22, 2002
He knew 14 years ago2003-01-01New York Times Sep 30/WISE-NIRS Oct 18/AP Oct 7, 2002
The watchdog just isn't watching2003-01-01Reuters Oct 21, 2002
The original targets were two reactors2003-01-01
He's just making this up, is George2003-01-01Washington Times Sep 27/The Guardan Oct 10,11, 2002
A pair of computers recently discovered...2003-01-01Brattleboro Reformer Nov 11, 2002
In November, 21 workers were...2003-01-01The Guardian/daily Record Nov 13, 2002
A Russian scientific expedition has...2003-01-01Sapa-AP Nov 15, 2002
A survey conducted for the French...2003-01-01AFP Nov 18, 2002
Journalist tests security by smuggling uranium2003-01-01FOXNews Sep 6, 2002
Firefighters, rescue workers say keep warning signs2003-01-01Seattle Post-Intelligence Nov 23, 2002
Just in case stock exchange2003-01-01
If there were an attack on a nuclear power plant..Most gards would run like hell2003-01-01New York Times Oct 20/POGO Sep 9, 2002
Strategic admission: if you're thinking of coming after us, think twice, ...2003-01-01CNN, 17 October/ Los Angeles Times Oct 19, 2002
Plenty more where this came from2003-01-01Belfast Telegraph Sep 17/ The Independent 18, 2002
Far too risky, says Wall Street Journal2003-01-01Augusta Chronicle Oct 3, 2002
Removing one of the last barriers2003-01-01WISE-NIRS Oct 4, 2002
Modern security: Alle terribly polite2003-01-01Guardian/AP Oct, 2002
British nuclear tests: Pretty damming evidence2003-01-01BBC Pct 6, 2002
Mass rallies against an attack on Iraq2003-01-01
Pangea resurfaces as Arius2003-01-01Radio australia Sep 5/ABC News Sep 6/The Australian Sep 2002
WA council pushes dump2003-01-01ABC Oct 7, 2002
Rolls-Royce says it'll stop...2003-01-01WISE-NIRS Oxt 18, 2002
Despite warnings from the ...2003-01-01Irish Independent Sep 11, 2002
Low-grade radioactive ...2003-01-01Denver Post Nov 1, 2002
Accidents will happen2003-01-01Idaho Statesman Sep 10, 2002
Russia must first handle its own waste2003-01-01AP Sep 25, 2002
In Russia's footsteps2003-01-01The Guardian Nov 21, 2002
Celebs join campaign2003-01-01LA Daily News Sep 26, 2002
Thousands block huge German shipment2003-01-01ABC Nov 10/WISE-NIRS Nov 22, 2002
Not surprised at all2003-01-01Las Vegas Review-Journal Nov 28, 2002
I won't crawl away and die like a poisoned rat2003-01-01Geoff Pulham; Archant (Norfolk) Oct 29, 2002
Finger points to DU2003-01-01Reuters health Sep 10/The Gardian Aug 11, 2002
Take care of the ones we had there before we send more2003-01-01Voice of America Nov 11, 2002
The bizarre side of testing2003-01-01BBC Sep 13, 2002
Is there a link between a number of high-profile crimes and service in the Gulf-2003-01-01Sarah Edmonds Reuters Nov 15, 2002
Nuclear power in France: This is supposed to be the model2003-01-01WISE-NIRS Nov 8, 2002
More cover-ups, scandals, resignations trigger new low public support2003-02-01Asahi Shimbun Oct, 8, 2002
The Indian government has admitted...2003-02-01The Australian Nov 29, 2002
Norwegian billionaire Petter Stordalen, ...2003-01-01Whitehaven News Nov30, 2002
A security guard at the Portsmouth...2003-01-01Columbus Dispatch Nov 20, 2002
Green groups are vowing to fight Israeli...2003-01-01Haaretz Daily Nov 27, 2002
When do these people get off (the public tit)?2003-01-01WISE-NIRS Oct 18, 2002
A US federal audit says...2003-01-01Idaho Statesman Oct 16, 2002
State-owned British Nuclear...2003-01-01Daily Mirror Oct 29, 2002
From 1943 to 1999, the US...2003-01-01Cornell Daily Sun Oct 22, 2002
The US Department of Energy's...2003-01-01Greenpeace Nov 2, 2002
The British nuclear submarine...2003-01-01The Scotsman nov 19, 2002
The Tennessee Valley Authority...2003-01-01Ux Weekly Nov, 2002
The cost of ousting Saddam...2003-01-01Sun National Nov 24, 2002
Thirty years of the same old garbage...2003-01-01Financial Times Nov 10/Canadian Press Oct 30/Halifax Herald.
The number of Iraqo children suffering...2003-01-01Pravda Oct 1, 2002
Turkish police have confiscated 15 kilos...2003-01-01NewsMax Sep 28, 2002
The world's first floating nuclear power...2003-01-01Pravda Oct 10, 2002
A nuclear-powered submarine, undergoing...2003-01-01Bellona foundation Oct 23, 2002
A whole lot of maybes: Tony Blair's so-called Iraq dossier doesn't prove a thing2003-01-01New Zealand Herald/AAP Sep 26, 2002
Got some testing to do?2003-01-01Pravda Oct 9, 2002
Big Swiss vote aainst waste dump2003-01-01WISE-NIRS Oct 4, 2002
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