Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing

City: London, UK
number 28
Bulgaria: The government has agreed to plan for the construction ...2004-07-07Energy in East Europe, 9 July, p3
Canada: Ontario's government has endorsed the decision ...2004-07-07OPG, 7 July; Ontario Ministry of Energy, 7 July;Nucleonics..
The latest edition of the 'Red Book' has been published ...2004-07-07Ux Weekly, 12 July, p2; FreshFUEL, 12 July, p1
Democratic Republic of Congo: At least nime people were killed...2004-07-07BBC News Online, 12 July; Int. Herald Tribune, 13 July, p8
Brazil will begin preliminary tests on the first unit of its industrial-scale...2004-07-07NucNet News, 147/04, 8 July
Australia: Silex Systems Ltd announced that its silicon laser enrichment...2004-07-07Silex, 5 July
India and the USA have reaffirmed their commitment to 'enhance cooperation' in..2005-07-13Financial Times, 19 July, p7; New York Times Online,19 Jul..
US: The final results of the countervailing duty administrative review...2005-07-13Nuclear Market Review, 15 July, p2; FreshFUEL, 18 July, p3
Canada: Uravan Minerals Inc has signed a letter of intent with Cameco Corp...2005-07-13Uravan, 14 July
Argentina: Wealth Minerals Ltd announced that it has an optin to acquire...2005-07-13
Canada: Cameco Corp is seeking permission from the Canadian Nuclear Safety...2005-07-13Ux Weekly, 18 July, p3
US: Lousisiana Energy Servises (LES) has asked the Nuclear Regulatory ...2005-07-13Nuclear Market Review, 15 July, p2; FreshFUEL, 18 July, p3
US: The proposed 20-year operating licence extensions for Exelon's ...2004-07-07SpentFUEL, 12 July, p5; Ux Weekly, 12 July, p3
UK: Prime Minister Tony Blair indicated that the government was reconsidering...2004-07-07The Guardian, 7 July, p1; BBC News Online, 8 July
Ukraine: The European Bank for Recontruction & Development (EBRD) has approved..2004-07-07Nuclear Market Review, 9 July, p3; Nucleonics Week, 8 July..
US: Arguments by the state of Nevada that the Bush administration's approval ...2004-07-07NEI InfoWire, 9 July; SpentFUEL - extra, 12 July; Nuclear...
Germany: A decision announced on 7 July by the European Commision (EC)...2004-07-07Nucleonics Week, 8 July, p1
France: The National Assembly voted in favour of a reform law...2004-07-07Ux Weekly, 5 July, p4
Some 130 new nuclear power plants may be built in the next 15 years...2005-07-13FreshFUEL, 18 July, p4
FirstEnery Nuclear Operating Co plans to resubmit its licence renewal ...2005-07-13Nucleonics Week, 14 July, p3
Canada: The federal government has refused to provide C$400 million (US$330)...2005-07-13Nuclear Market Review, 15 July, p2; Ux Weekly, 18 July, p3
Russia: The possibility of completing the Kursk-5 nuclear power reactor...2005-07-13FreshFUEL, 18 July, p4
Hungary: A basic licence for reinstating service pool one of the Paks-2...2005-07-13NucNet News, 117/05, 18 July
Hungary: The municipality of Bataapati voted in a referendum to approve...2005-07-13NucNet News in Brief, 67/05, 14 July
Russia and the USA have essentiallly resolved the longstanding issue of liabil..2005-07-13NuclearFuel, 18 July, p1
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that delegates ...2005-07-13IAEA, 8 July
US: Enron Corp will offer Portland General Electric (PGE)...2002-09-17Nucleonics Week, 5 September, p1; see also NB 01.09-17
US: A joint House-Senate conference committee...2002-09-17Ux Weekly, 16 September, p3
Lithuania: Legislators are considering a revised energy strategy...2002-09-17Nucleonics Week, 5 September, p4; see also NB 02.28-11
Armenia: A new nuclear power plant could be contructed ...2002-09-17Ux Weekly, 16 September, p5; see also NB 02.22-6
Russia intends to construct a neuton or fast breeder reactor...2002-09-17Ux Weekly,16 September, p5; see also NB 00.20-11
Spain: The energy Infrastructure Plan...2002-09-17Ux Eeekly, 16 September, p4; see also NB 02.36-8
US: Dominion Energy has signed a contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries...2002-09-17Dominion, 12 September; Nikkei Weekly, 16 September, p 19
US: USEC Inc has received initial proposals from the states of Kentucky...2002-09-17Nuclear Market Review, 13 September, p2; see also NB 02.26-3
Japan: Charges will not be filed against Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)...2002-09-17Nuclear Market Review, 13 September, p3; Ux Weekly,16 Sept..
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