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number 39
US: A five-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement2002-09-24NucNet Business news, 70/02, 20 September; see also NB 02.26
The US should rejoin the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ...2002-09-24NucNet News, 297/02
Switzerland: In a referendum, voters in the canton of Nidwalden rejected ...2002-09-24NucNet News, 301/02, 23 September; see also NB 01.41- 17
Australia: Claims by Greenpeace abainst the granting...2002-09-24NucNet News, 298/02
Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd (NPCIL) reported...2002-08-24Nucleonics Week, 12 September, p7; see also NB 01.50-5
India and Russia have signed three contracts worth US$1 billion...2002-09-24Times of India Online, 23 September; see also NB 02.08-11
US: FirstEnergy Corp hopes to have its Davis-Besse nuclear power plant2002-09-24Nuclear Market Review, 20 September, p3; see also NB 02.34-7
Nuclear electricity production in OECD countries is forecast...2002-09-24OECD-NEA, 13 September, see also NB 99.21-2
UK: Ministers have agreed in principle to extend for two months...2002-09-24Daily Telegraph, 21 September, p32
Japan: 'Systematic and inappropriate management ...2002-09-24Japan Times Online, 21 September; see also NB 02.36-1
UK: The returned shipment of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel from Japan2002-09-24BNFL, 17 September, see also NB 02.38-2
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