Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, August 2002

City: London, UK
The first concrete was poured 7 Aug
Pakistan reported that uranium mineralisation had been discovered 7 Aug
Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) plans to sell its equity in US uranium properties 7 Aug
The first reactor at the Bushehr nuclear power plant 7 Aug
The primary piping systems in all German BWRs should be examined 7 Aug
BNFL has decided not to reopen three reactors at its Calder Hall plant 7 Aug
British Energy (BE), the nuclear operator, is calling for a drop in its rates 7 Aug
An application for a 20 year licence extension for the V C Summer 7 Aug
Utility spending on nuclear fuel continued to drop in 2001 7 Aug
Operators of pressurised water reactors (PWRs) may need 7 Aug
Westinghouse Electric Co has signed contracts 7 Aug
A federal appeals court ruled that plutonium shipments 7 Aug
China is planning to build a nuclear reactor that will provide energy 7 Aug
Zuid Korea expects to develop a strong business in exporting 7 Aug
WMC Ltd reported a net profit for the first half of 2002 7 Aug
The first fuel loading and the addition of heavy water14 Aug
CEZ restarted the Temelin-2 nuclear power reactor14 Aug
A report calling for current legislation prohibiting the construction14 Aug
Canada exported 10 028.7 tonnes of uranium in 200114 Aug
The latest edition of the red book has been published14 Aug
Russia's ministry for atomic energy (minatom) has withdraw its request14 Aug
FirstEnergy has submitted a root cause analysis report14 Aug
Dominion and Entery are the latest operators to announce14 Aug
British Energy (BE) has forecast a reduction in planned UK nuclear generation14 Aug
North Korean again threatened to pull out of its 1994 non-proliferation agreemen14 Aug
Russia has completed development of its proposed floating nuclear power plant14 Aug
Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine have signed a 10-year trilateral agreement14 Aug
India will invest US$50 million over the next five years14 Aug
Claims over 'cancer cluster' around BNFL's nuclear reprocessing plant14 Aug
A new system for examining quality assurance14 Aug
Southern Cross Resources Inc plans to proceed21 Aug
The Special Master appointed by the US District Court of Colorado21 Aug
Louisiana Energy Services (LES) has informed21 Aug
A new 'Threat Advisory system' has been created21 Aug
The government is considering aid to British Energy (BE)21 Aug
Centrals Europe's nuclear plants experienced no difficulties21 Aug
A decision on whether to resume construction of the Angra-321 Aug
Initial approval for the sale of a majority stake in the Seabrook21 Aug
Rosenergoatom has drawn up an investment schema21 Aug
A judge rejected an environmental group's demand21 Aug
Framatome ANP inc and Exelon Corp have formed a long-term alliance21 Aug
The transfers of 21 canisters of spent fuel from the Rancho Seco21 Aug
The Russian government has signed all agreements necessary21 Aug
BNFL Environmental Services has begun work on a six-month contract21 Aug
Some 50 kg of highly-enriched uranium (HEU) were removed21 Aug
Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd (NPCIL) reported...24 AugNucleonics Week, 12 September, p7; see also NB 01.50-5
The possible falsification of records relating to voluntary inspections28 Aug
The Ling Ao-2 nuclear power reactor achieved criticality28 Aug
The government's Policy and Innovation Unit's (PUI's) energy review28 Aug
A contract for the design, construction and operation28 Aug
US nuclear generation is expected to increase through 200328 Aug
A mid-cycle performance assessment letter for the Indian Point-228 Aug
Changes to several reporting requirements28 Aug
Spain's oldest commercial nuclear power plant28 Aug
Assembly of the main components of the VVER-1000 reactor28 Aug
The utility consortium responsible for decommissioning28 Aug
Spent fuel transportation containers28 Aug
US Energy Secratary Spencer Abraham spoke about28 Aug
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