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no title author date Russian plutonium program: Nuclear waste, accidents, and senseless huge costsEcodefense!, V.Slivyak, NIRS 2010 Arctic Nuclear ChallengeBellona June 2001 vervuiling door militaire activiteiten (symposium)TU Eindhoven 2001 plants in SiberiaN.Bohmer, T.Nilsen, Bellona September 1995 pollution in Northern Ocean AreasM.B.Maerli, Norw.Poll.Cont. Ag. 1995* to radioactive contamination in Murmansk and Arkhangel'sk countiesT.Nilson, N.Bohmer, Bellona 1994 of radioactive waste in the Barents- and Kara SeasF.Hague, T.Nilsen, K.E.Nilsen, Bellona November 1992

*: Estimated date
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