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no title author date of radioactive waste in the Barents- and Kara SeasF.Hague, T.Nilsen, K.E.Nilsen, Bellona November 1992 to radioactive contamination in Murmansk and Arkhangel'sk countiesT.Nilson, N.Bohmer, Bellona 1994 pollution in Northern Ocean AreasM.B.Maerli, Norw.Poll.Cont. Ag. 1995* plants in SiberiaN.Bohmer, T.Nilsen, Bellona September 1995 vervuiling door militaire activiteiten (symposium)TU Eindhoven 2001 Arctic Nuclear ChallengeBellona June 2001 Russian plutonium program: Nuclear waste, accidents, and senseless huge costsEcodefense!, V.Slivyak, NIRS 2010

*: Estimated date
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