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no title author date Questions of handling the legacy of radioactive contamination at the Mayak Production AssociationBellona, C.Digges, A.Nikitin, A.Ozarovsky 2018 Rosatom's Mayak: More Reprocessing, More ContaminationGreenpeace CEE, J.Haverkamp September 2017 Mayak: A 50-year tragedy. Summary reportGreenpeace Int. September 2007 Techa River Cohort: Study Design and Follow-up MethodsM.M.Kossenko, RRS 2005 Radiation Exposure and Cancer Mortality in the Techa River CohortL.Yu. Krestinina, RRS 2005Это не жизнь! Жизнь, отравленная радиоактивными отходами – Half life. Living with the effects of nuclear wasteR.Knoth, Jong May 2002 Project 'Water antinuclear educational action'Movement nuclear safety Chelyabinsk October 1997 problems and no clear solutions: The difficulties of defining and assigning culpability for radiation victimization in the Chelyabinsk region of RussiaPaula Carb, University of California 1997 map of Southern UralUral Res.Centre for Irrad.. Medicine 1996Комплексный доклад о состоянии окружающей природной среды Челябинской область в 1995 году (A comprehensive report on the state of the environment of the Chelyabinsk region in 1995) 1996Челябинская Область: Ликвидация последствий радиационных аварий (Chelyabinsk: liquidation of consequences of nuclear accidents)State Committee on Emergency Situations 1996 The compelling realities of ChelyabinskJohn M. Whiteley February 1995 in the nuclear garbage canA.Tihonov 1995 maps. Ecosystem of Chelyabinsk Region territory. Instalment 2. Radiation situation on the territory subjected to Mayak PA influenceAdm. of Chelyabinsk Region 1995 First Assessment of Radiation Doses and Health Effects in Workers and Communities Exposed Since 1948 In The Southern UralsA.V. Akleyev et al. March 1994 the most radioactive polluted place on earthBellona May 1992 N paijnaiinr (health and radiation)Челябинский Областной Комитет по Экологии и Природопользованию 1992 Kyshtym disaster and what we can learn from itK.Nienhuys 1980* of the 1957-58 Soviet Nuclear AccidentOak Ridge National Laboratory, J.R.Trabalka, L.D.Eyman, S.I.Auerbach December 1979 in de OeralZhores A. Medvedev 1979 Disaster in the UralsZhores A. Medvedev 1979 verslag van een kernrampDNA 1977*

*: Estimated date
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