the Laka catalogue

no title author date over de voltooiing van de kerncentrales in Khmelnitsky 2 en Rivne 4 in de OekraïneCommissie MER April 1999 participation Procedure NPP Khmelnitsky 2/Rivne 4. Report to the Austrian GovernmentFederal Environment Agency 1998; Subject: K2/R4 Nuclear Completion Project in UkraineBankwatch March 1997 electric power system development analysis. Completion of Khmelnitsky 2 and Rovno 4Stone & Webster, EBRD May 1998 baromi aprymehtn (handbook consultation K2/R4 compl.)Bankwatch 1998 Safety Assessment Report for the Loan Approval ProcedureTACIS December 1997 could not be beaten: Report on public hearings on K2/R4 project in UkraineBankwatch June 2000 of relevant aspects of the Environmental Impact Assessment for Completion of the NPS Rivne 4 and Khmelnitsky 2Öko-Institut October 1998 assessment of K2/R4 nuclear reactors in UkraineInt. Panel of Experts February 1997 Reasons against completion K2/R4 (draft)Bankwatch September 1998