the Laka catalogue - BELARUS 
no title author date of the Environment: Country overview -BelarusTACIS June 1998 the Republic of BelarusOOA June 1998 the Republic of BelarusOOA, YEM June 1998"A3C y Benapyci?"TACIS 1998 #Heprnr? Cnachoo, hem! 1998 gegen den KriegF.Dorn 1995 republic of Belarus: 9 years after Chernobyl. Situation, problems actionMinistry for Emergencies 1995 wei├črussische Nationalbewegung nach der Katastrophe von TschernobylA.Sahm 1994 and ChernobylByelorussian. SSR-UN General Ass. 1991 Chernobyl Disaster and Byelorussia's Tragedy 1990

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