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no title author date Cameco Corporation. Uranium Mining in SaskatchewanHarvard Business School February 1999"Is it worth the Risk?" Uraniummining in Northern SaskatchewanCampaign for Nuclear Phaseout October 1992 Good reasons to stop uranium miningGreenpeace Canada 1990 of the first int.congress on uranium miningStop it at the source June 1988 untold story of uraniummining in Nothern SaskatchewanM.Goldstick 1987 from Wollaston Lake. Resistance against uranium mining and genocide in Northern SaskatchewanM.Goldstick 1987, Organize, Survive - Wollaston Lake: a resource kit. Articles and statements 1984 mining Canada; Health and Environmental problemsM.Goldstick 1980 Correspondence with the Premier. Umining N-SaskatchewanBill Harding April 1979 Saskatchewan Government Reponse to Cluff Lake. Board of Inquiry ReportGovernment Saskatchewan June 1978 Cluff Lake Board of Inquiry Final Report May 1978 Guidelines for environmental impact statements and Government information requirements Cigar Lake and McArthur River ProjectsReviewPanel

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