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no title author date Life. Radioactive Waste in IndiaUpasana Choudry, Toxics Link March 2009 politics in India.S.P.Udayakumar, TSA October 2008 plutonium: economics of reprocessing in IndiaRamana, J.Y.Suchitra April 2007 material in South Asia and implications of US-India nuclear dealMian, Zayyar, Rajaraman, Ramana July 2006 in Tamil on how to prepare for a disaster containing chapter on N.EnergyS.P.Udayakumar 2005 Term Vision of the Department of EnergyDepartment of Energy India 2003* India. A Report on No Nukes Asia Forum/Jadugudu mineScott Ludham 2000 Seismicity: A comprehensive study from regional earthquake data of two decades from Guaribidanur seismic arrayB.K.Gangrade, S.K.Arora 1996 of a cogeneration corporationAdv. Board Government of India August 1986 conservationAdv. Board Government of India August 1986 energy sceneAdv. Board Government of India October 1985 perspective on demand and supply in India 2004/5Adv. Board Government of India May 1985 of Advisory board on energyAdv. Board Government of India 1984 power in IndiaDavid Hart 1983's nuclear estateDhirendra Sharma 1983 India. A technical AssessmentMirchandani, Namboodiri 1981 from India to IAEA Conference on Nuclear Power and it's Fuel CycleDepartment of Atomic Energy, India May 1977 waste is a heavy burden to lay on our children etc.CANE

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