the Laka catalogue

no title author date waste is a heavy burden to lay on our children etc.CANE at the brink of disasterProgressive Youth Centre monument to man's folly pride and refusal to admit mistakesL.Tañada sham(e) that is the BNPP. Briefing Paper on Bataan NPPNetwork Opposed to the BNPP Nuclear Research InstitutePNRI Environment is Our LifeKFEM nukes story about the Rokkasho Plutonium Plant Handbook for Citizens (in Japanese)Green Action Citizen's Response. Rebuttal of government's case for mining and export of uraniumMAUM Out for Peace: A history of CANE and PND (WA)B.Kearns UraniumTNC Reportback 2 Region Economic and Institutional Overview StudyAboriginal Project Committee Dam without NightmareMani Pantura status of Marshallese accidentally exposed to 1954 Bravo fallout radiation: January 1980 through December 1982. BNL 51761W.H.Adams * status of Marshallese accidentally exposed to 1954 Bravo fallout radiation: January 1983 through December 1984. BNL 51958W.H.Adams * Free Nation. A case-study of Aoteroa/New ZealandChristian Conference of Asia place to hideD.Bradley 1948 survey of Rongelap people, March 1958, four years after exposure to fallout. BNL 534 (T-135)R.A.Conard May 1959 survey of Rongelap people five and six years after exposure to fallout. BNL 609 (T-179)R.A.Conard September 1960 aus der Asche. Geschichte einer WiedergeburtRobert Jungk 1963 survey of Rongelap people eight years after exposure to fallout. BNL 780 (T-296)R.A.Conard 1963 survey of the people of Rongelap and Utirik islands nine and ten years after exposure to fallout radiation. BNL 908 (T-371)R.A.Conard May 1965 in JapanNederlandse ambassade May 1967 as a nuclear power in world politicsLeo Yueh-Yun Liu 1972 on the investigation of damage done by the Bikini hydrogen bomb test to the people of the Marshall IslandsK.Honda February 1973 Paper on French Nuclear TestsMinistère des Affaires Étrangeres June 1973 Mapoon story by the Mapoon people. Book OneInt. Development Action 1975 Mapoon Story, according to Invaders. Church mission, Queensland Government and Mining Company. Book TwoInt. Development Action 1975

*: Estimated date