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no title author date the facts speak: an indictment of the nuclear industryR.Coleman 2012 accidents over the last 60 yearsJ.C.Nenot, IOP, Journal of Radiological Protection August 2009 of reactor incidentsA.Wenisch, Ökologie-Institute September 1994 the Facts Speak. An indictment of the nuclear industryAwareness Education January 1992 for Reporting Unusual Events in Nuclear Power Plants. Safety Series No. 93IAEA April 1989 Greenpeace book of the nuclear age: the hidden history, the human costJohn May 1989 Greenpeace-Handbuch des Atomzeitalters. Daten -Fakten -KatastrophenJohn May 1989 met Kernenergie na Harrisburg en TsjernobylH.Damveld March 1988 power: Accidents, leaks, failures and other incidents: industrial & militaryR.Coleman June 1982 met kernenergieH.Damveld 1981, Leaks, Failures and Incidents. Safety record of the nuclear power industryR.Coleman, C.Bradley August 1980 reactor pipecracksCitizens for A Better Environment October 1978 Repertoire des Accidents NucleairesEcologie September 1978 in the nuclear industry: An information fileCh.F. Zimmerman April 1976

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