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no title author date EPR nuclear reactor: A dangerous waste of time and money: Catalysing an energy revolutionGreenpeace Int. 2012 Aspects of the EPR Design in the Light of the Fukushima AccidentH.Hirsch, Greenpeace Int. June 2011 EPR in crisisS.Thomas, PSIRU November 2010 Hot to Handle. The truth about high burnup spent fuelHugh Richards April 2008 of Operational Risks and Hazards of the EPR when subject to Aircraft CrashLarge & Associates, Greenpeace Int. May 2006 March 2005 Defizite des Europäischen Druckwasser Reaktors (EPR)Henrik Paulitz, IPPNW December 2003

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  • EPR European pressurized water reactor
  • SBWR Small Boiling Water Reactor