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no title author date Eyes Wide Shut: Problems with the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems Proposal to Construct NuScale Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Ramana August 2020 Prospects for Small Modular Reactors in the UK & WorldwideS.Thomas, P.Dorfman, S.Morris, Ramana July 2019 One size doesn’t fit all: Social priorities and technical conflicts for small modular reactorsRamana, Mian May 2014 Small modular reactors: No solution for the cost, safety, and waste problems of nuclear powerIEER, PSR, Arjun Makhijani, Michele Boyd September 2010 Small Nuclear Power ReactorsWNA November 2006 Introduction integrated aluminium production plant; high economical profit, minimal energy consumption and maximal environmental protection.R.R.Pahladsingh July 2004 Use of gascooled HTR-reactors for food preservationR.R.Pahladsingh March 2004 desalinationIAEA 1968 operation of critical assemblies and research reactorsIAEA 1961

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  • SMALL REACTORS including KLT-40 SMART and smaller (eg. mobile reactors)