the Laka catalogue

no title author date, Bodem, Lucht 1957 effects of airborne effluents released from the nuclear cycle 1983 Bongaerts, Kuyper, Huiswaard December 1982 Safety and security of commercial spent nuclear fuel storage: Draft Public Report 2005 titel) Transmutation of Actinites 1994 duistere ring tussen kernwapens en kernenergie on the Draft Commission Document on the Nuclear Industries in the European Union 1997 conference "After 45 years of nuclear promotion: time for change." Conference proceedings September 2002 European Energy Charter Treaty towards mutual energy security May 1994 assessment of the Abrams Heavy Armor System April 1998 Adressbuch für die BRD zentr w doebne (int. centrum in Doebna) 1975 Systematic Radiological Assessment of Exemptions for Source and Byproduct Materials December 1999 Guidances for General Clearance levels for practises. Recommendations (Part 1) 2000 nukleaire vervuiling van de stratosfeer 1978 Salzburg Conference for a Non-Nuclear Future May 1977 Against the Current. Independent and radical information carriers 1989 sunlight conference. 21-22 november 2001 Den Haag November 2000
9.20/13Asterix en de kernsentrale June 1979
9.20/08Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk 1979*
9.20/22Asterix et les Centrales Nucleaires 1979*
9.20/47Asterix La Fronde, Une Aventure Alternative d' 2016*
9.20/09Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk 1979*
9.20/10Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk 1979*
9.20/11Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk 1979*
9.20/12Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk 1979*
9.20/14Asterix en de kerncentrale 1979*
9.20/15Asterix en de kernsentrale 1979*
9.20/16Asterix en de kernsentrale 1979*

*: Estimated date