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A report on progress towards new recommendations: A communication from the International Commission on Radiological Protection

DateMarch 2001

From the publication:

Throughout the hundred-year history of the uses of ionising radiation in
medicine and industry there has been advice on the need to protect people
from the hazards associated with exposure. Protection standards have evolved
throughout this period to reflect both the scientific understanding of the
biological effects of exposure and the social and ethical standards to be applied.
The Main Commission of ICRP is now considering a revised, simpler approach
that is based on an individual-oriented philosophy and represents a potential
shift by the Commission from the past emphasis on societal-oriented criteria.
The initial proposals were promulgated through IRPA and an open literature
publication was published in the Journal of Radiological Protection in June
1999. On the basis of comments received and the observations presented at
the IRPA-10 Congress in May 2000, the Commission is beginning to develop
the next recommendations. This article describes the issues involved in the
preparation of the next recommendations and indicates the process that the
Commission proposes to follow. The Commission wishes there to be an on-
going debate with an iteration of ideas over the next few years.