Adder: Nuclear Monitor

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
nummer 594
Datum: 1 oktober 2003
Argentina: New efforts to complete Atucha-2 WISE Argentina
Paks-2: Economics before safety Energy Club (Hungary)
25 years ago #594
Salvage deal agreed by British Energy creditors Friends of the Earth Europe
Euratom? newsletter
EP: "Euratom obsolete and outdated" Friends of the Earth Europe
Japan: KEPCO seeks for another MOX contranct with Cogema WISE Japan
Earthquakes WISE Japan
A critical, comparative look at the health effects of Chernobyl NIRS/WISE Ukraine; UNDP and UNICEF, 25 January 2002
French industry minister proposes government decision on EPR Nucleonics Week, 9 October 2003
Two major electricity blackouts in Europe within one week Nucleonics Week, 25 September
Nuclear Free Future Awards 2003 Nuclear-Free News,
Toxic Turkey Award 2003 Press release NM Environmental Law Center, 14 September 2003
Thai government approval for Ongarak research reactor Nucleonics Week, 9 October 2003
Finnish Vantaa Energia plans investment in 5th NPP Nucleonics Week, 25 September 2003
Ukraine wants to complete K2/K4 without EBRD Nucleonics Week, 25 September 2003
Terror fear for Welsh nuclear cargo train Wales on Sunday, 28 September 2003
Australian aborigines plan anti-dump campaign Australion Associated Press, 29 September 2003
U.K. Dounreay staff contaminated by radioactivity BBC News, 12 September 2003
Switzerland's first nuclear plant decommissioned Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 18 September 2003
Italian spent fuel sent to Sellafield AFP, 22 September 2003
Small leak at Japanese Hamaoka-1 reactor Associated Press, 17 September 2003
South African Koeberg PBMR to cost R10 billion Cape Times, 11 September 2003
Dutch queen opens HLW storage facility WISE Amsterdam
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