Adder: Nuclear Monitor

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
nummer 640
Datum: 23 december 2005
Illegal operations at Leningrad NPP result in fatality Baltic Newsletter of the Green World, No. 89, Dec 20, 2005..
Key Khan Network middleman convicted Campagne tegen Wapenhandel
Uranium mining issues: 2005 review WISE Uranium Project
Nukes and the climate change debate Wise Amsterdam
PSR Report on depleted uranium health issues Laka Foundation
MPs to rebel against Blair's nuclear plans The Guardian, December 22, 2005
EU Commission's nuclear disagreement European Voice, December 21, 2005
Indo-US deal on rocky ground Reuters, December 21 and November 22 2005; December 7 2005
Chinese nuclear deal collapses Reuters, December 20, 2005
Radiation release in Chechnya ISN Security Watch, december 18 2005; Aljazeera, Dec 2005
Earthlife Africa loses Eskom court case ELA press release, December 15, 2005
IAEA chief calls for disarmament The Independent and AP, December 17, 2005
Global IAEA poll IAEA press release, December 17, 2005
Britain accused of Israeli nukes 'cover up' BBC News, December 9, 2005
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