Adder: Nuclear Monitor

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
nummer 648
Datum: 14 juli 2006
Gruesome eight to strike again (648.5758) WISE Amsterdam
African countries urged to ratify nuclear-free treaty Reuters, June 1 2006
Russia to build floating nuclear plant Spiegel Magazine, June 23 2006
Russia's plans for new nuclear build Bellona June 10 & May 22 2006
NRC grants license for national enrichment facility (648.5759) CCNS
Senators warn Bush over Russian enrichment Platts Nuclear News Flashes, July 12 2006
O&A - myths and misunderstandings about nuclear energy
Armenian greens warn against uranium mining (649.5760) The Green Union of Armenia
More delays for FIN-5 Platts Nuclear News Flashes, July 13 2006
Activists arrested in Russia AFP, July 11 2006
U.S, to offer Russia sweetener on Iran The Independent, July 10 2006
Climate impact on Swedish NPP Platts Nuclear News Flashes, July 10 2006
Earthlife granted right to appeal Earthlife Africa press release, July 7 2006
EU enrichment deal WNA Weekly Digest, July 7 2006
Chernobyl thyroid cancer link Reuters, July 7 2006
Pakistan seeks foreign nuclear investment The Indian Express, July 5 2006
UK govt inspectors dismiss reactor crack reports The Guardian & Greenpeace Uk press release, July 5 2006
Thirteen in Cernavoda bid Reuters, June 29 2006
Indonesia nuclear tender set for 2007 The Jakarta Post, June 29 2006
Free treatment for nuke test survivors Yahoo! Australia, June 23 2006
Japanese worker irradiated Reuters, June 26 2006
Uranium refinery for Saskatchewan Globe and Mail, June 23 2006
Swedish opposition would stop decommissioning Platts Nuclear News Flashes, June 14 2006
Spain could extend plant lifetimes Reuters, June 1 2006
Russia takes back nuclear fuel Mosnews, May 30 2006
U.S. HEU leak Platts Nuclear News Flashes, May 10 2006
Chinese reactor connected to grid Platts Nuclear News Flashes, May 12 2006
U.S. EPR to be developed Platts Nuclear News Flashes, June 1 2006
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