Adder: Nucleonics Week

Plaats: Washington, VS
Datum: 19 september 2002
Probe of Tepco now moving into charges of illegal eccs repairsMark Hibbs
House-senate conferees adopt language to renew Price-AndersonJenny Weil
Davis-Besse set to restart dec.4, but NEC approval a question markDanier Hornar
Exelon said likely to sell Amergen share, despite downplaying ideaNucleonics Week
Canadian regulator questions Bruce Power financial assurencesRennie MacKenzie
Facing losses from expansions overseas, EDF freezes spendingAnn MacLachlan
Swedish phase-out proponents win but Barsebaeck-2 fate uncertainAriane Sains
Schroeder's coalition with greens may win election, polls now projectMark Hobbs
Dominion signs conatract to replace heads at all four Virginia unitsGregory Twachtman
TVA investigating security event that led to search at SequoyahTom Harrison
O & M costs projected to drop while fuel, capital spending riseJenny Weil
India's nuclear operator reports more generation, profit last yearSunil Saraf
Osart sees Tricastin improvement but warns on alcohol, cultureAnn MacLachlan
Signing of California bill ends idea of Ward Valley disposal siteTom Harrison
EC mulling proposals to unify approaches to nuclear issuesHughes Belin
Meti tells NSC it took 18 months to corroborate informer's chargesMark Hibbs
Russia proposes work with U.S. on commercial HTR, awaits replyAnn MacLachlan; Elaine Hiruo; Daniel Horner
Doe might be considering adding step between 2010, gen IV programsElaine Hiruo
Trilateral negotiations in Vienna stymied over scope, safeguardsMark Hibbs
Meeting says spent fuel management is global nuclear community dutyAnn MacLachlan

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