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A Parliamentary Senate Committee has released a comprehensive report 15-10-2003 WNAN AUSTRALIË ONDERZOEK PARLEMENT REGERING URANIUM MIJNBOUW WETGEVING
A proposed joint venture between Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan 30-10-2001 WNAN KAZACHSTAN KYRGYZSTAN RUSLAND SAMENWERKING URANIUM MIJNBOUW
A proposed uranium mining and processing complex 12-11-2003 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE INDIA URANIUM MIJNBOUW
A review of the environmental impacts of the in-situ acid leach 09-07-2003 WNAN AUSTRALIË ISL URANIUM MIJNBOUW
A tender for the sale of a 72.28% stake in the Kara Balta uranium 23-08-2006 WNAN KYRGYZSTAN POLITIEK EN BELEID TENDER URANIUM MIJNBOUW
A tender for the sale of a 72.88% stake in the Kara Balta 11-10-2006 WNAN KYRGYZSTAN POLITIEK EN BELEID TENDER URANIUM MIJNBOUW
A uranium exploration program has begun Pathfinder, 17 February 15-02-2006 WNAN GUATEMALA OPSTARTEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Aboriginal communities in Western Australia are discussing Australian Financial Review, 28 June 27-06-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË INHEEMSE VOLKEN RIO TINTO ZINC URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Agricola Resources plc has discovered uranium mineralization Agricola, 19 September 14-09-2005 WNAN FINLAND LOCATIES NIEUWE KERNINSTALLATIE ONDERZOEK URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Albidon Ltd and Energy Ventures Ltd, both of Australia Albidon, 26 October 26-10-2005 WNAN LOBBY BEDRIJVEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW ZAMBIA
An exploration licence has formally been granted to UraMin Inc UraMin, 23 November 22-11-2006 WNAN NAMIBIE TREKKOPJE URANIUM MIJNBOUW URANIUM VOORRAAD & PRIJS
An investment of Rs1800 crore is proposed for setting up two uranium mining The Hindu, 9 June 07-06-2006 WNAN INDIA KOSTEN KERNENERGIE URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Areva has been granted permission by the Ministry of Trade & Industry 11-10-2006 WNAN AREVA GROUP FINLAND URANIUM MIJNBOUW VERGUNNINGEN
Argentina: Wealth Minerals Ltd announced that it has an optin to acquire... 13-07-2005 WNAN ARGENTINIE ECONOMIE - ALGEMEEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Aurora Energy Resources Inc has selected SNC-Lavalin Inc to conduct 23-08-2006 WNAN CANADA ONDERZOEK URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Austalia is 'destined under all governments to be mining uranium... The Australian , 4 May 04-05-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË ENERGIEBELEID KE EXPORT MILIEUGROEPEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia and China have signed two agreements that open the way International Herald Tribune, 3 April 29-03-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË CHINA EXPORT SAFEGUARDS URANIUM ALGEMEEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW VERDRAGEN
Australia could have a nuclear power reactor in operation in as little as ten ye DPMC, 21 November 15-11-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE ENERGIE ONDERZOEK REGERING URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia exported a total of 9239.1 tonnes U308 (7834.4 tU) during 2001... FreshFUEL, 28 Jan, p4; NucNet Business News, 7/02, 24 Jan 29-01-2002 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT URANIUM ALGEMEEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW URANIUM OXYDE YELLOW CAKE
Australia may start exporting uranium to Mexico within four or five years 04-10-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT MEXICO URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia: federal Labor leader Kim Beazley has called on his party to scrap... 19-07-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT OPINIE-POLITIEKE PARTIJEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia: WMC Ltd's Olympic Dam operation produced 678 tonnes U3O8... Mining Journal, 18 Jan, p43; Nuclear Market Review, 18 Jan,. 22-01-2002 WNAN AUSTRALIË KOSTEN KERNENERGIE ONGELUKKEN REST URANIUM MIJNBOUW WMC
Authorisation to resume uranium operations at Lagoa Real mine 07-11-2001 WNAN BRAZILIË ONGELUKKEN REST URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Bell Coast Capital Corp has acquired 2240 acres of mineral claims 27-10-2004 WNAN ELEKTRICITEITSBEDRIJVEN OVERNAME URANIUM MIJNBOUW VS
Brazil will begin preliminary tests on the first unit of its industrial-scale... NucNet News, 147/04, 8 July 07-07-2004 WNAN BRANDSTOF FABRICAGE BRAZILIË ONDERZOEKSREACTOREN URANIUM MIJNBOUW URANIUM OXYDE VERRIJKING
Brazil: INB - the state-owned uranium mining and enrichment company Ux Weekly, 11 November, p3; see also News Briefing 99.48-13 12-11-2002 WNAN ANGRA, BRAZILIE BRAZILIË CENTRIFUGES CONVERSIE NAAR UF6 URANIUM MIJNBOUW VERRIJKING
Brinkley Mining Plc of the UK has entered Brinkley Mining, 23 October 25-10-2006 WNAN CONGO (LEPOLDV) LOBBY BEDRIJVEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Cameco Corp has acquired a 19.5% interest in UNOR Inc Cameco, 19 June 14-06-2006 WNAN CAMECO CANADA LOBBY BEDRIJVEN OVERNAME URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Cameco Corp of Canada has signed a memorandum of understanding Cameco, 22 November 22-11-2006 WNAN CAMECO SAMENWERKING TENEX URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Cameco Corp reported that mining activities at its McArthur River 09-04-2003 WNAN CAMECO CANADA MC ARTHUR RIVER ONGELUKKEN REST URANIUM MIJNBOUW