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Omschrijving: Korea Electric Power Company, Z-Korea

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"The Situation of the Nuclear Industry & the Task of the Anti-Nuclear Movement 01-03-1996 KFEM AKB KEPCO YOUNG-KWANG ZUID KOREA
Construction of the Younghung island theroelectric power plant 01-09-1997 KFEM ENERGIEBELEID ALGEMEEN KEPCO ZUID KOREA
KEDO and pwr construction at North Korea 01-08-1996 KFEM KEDO KEPCO NOORD KOREA PWR VERDRAGEN VS ZUID KOREA
The movement against construction plan of Young-Kwang nuclear power plant 01-08-1996 KFEM BESMETTING GEZONDHEID KEPCO ONGELUKKEN KERNCENTRALES VERVUILING YOUNG-KWANG ZUID KOREA
The truth behind the reactor deal with Noord Korea: Kedo does not bring reunific Hae Jung, Kim 01-09-1997 KFEM ENERGIEBELEID KE KEDO KEPCO KOSTEN KERNENERGIE NOORD KOREA NPV REACTOREN ALGEMEEN VERDRAGEN VS ZUID KOREA