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An order detailing a tentative schedule that anticipates a licensing decision USEC, 20 November 15-11-2006 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE NRC USEC VERGUNNINGEN VS
Regulatory oversight of USEC Inc's American Centrifuge demonstration plant 23-08-2006 WNAN DOE - USA NRC OPSTARTEN PIKETON UF-6 USEC VS
The Nuclear Regulator Commission's (NRC's) Atomic Safety and Licensing 05-10-2005 WNAN ASLB NRC PIKETON USEC VS
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has completed its initial review 12-03-2003 WNAN CENTRIFUGES NRC OPSTARTEN PORTSMOUTH USEC VS
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has determined that USEC Inc's 06-10-2004 WNAN CENTRIFUGES NRC PIKETON USEC VERGUNNINGEN VS
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued its final NRC, 10 May 10-05-2006 WNAN GASDIFFUSIE KERNENERGIE EN MILIEU NRC PIKETON USEC VERGUNNINGEN VS
There would be no significant environmental impact from the operation 04-02-2004 WNAN GASDIFFUSIE LOCATIES NIEUWE KERNINSTALLATIE NRC PORTSMOUTH USEC VEILIGHEID ALGEMEEN VS
US: USEC has called for 'an open and transparent process'... 12-11-2002 WNAN LES (LOUIS.ENER.SERVICES) NRC USEC VERGUNNINGEN VERRIJKING VS
US: USEC Inc has received initial proposals from the states of Kentucky... Nuclear Market Review, 13 September, p2; see also NB 02.26-3 17-09-2002 WNAN CENTRIFUGES LOCATIE-KEUZE PROCEDURE NRC USEC VERRIJKING VS
US: USEC Inc.'s American Centrifuge Plant (ACP) licence application ... Ux Weekly, 24 April 20-04-2006 WNAN AKB CENTRIFUGES NRC RECHTZAKEN USEC VERGUNNINGEN VS
USEC Inc has submitted a licence application 18-08-2004 WNAN NRC PIKETON USEC VERGUNNINGEN VERRIJKING VS
USEC Inc's gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment facilities 24-12-2003 WNAN LEVENSDUURVERLENGING NRC PADUCAH PORTSMOUTH USEC VERGUNNINGEN VS