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(Zonder titel: new reprocessing plant in Japan) SpentFUEL 17-07-2001 WNAN COGEMA JAPAN OPWERKING ROKKASHO TECHNISCH ALGEMEEN
A basic agreement of cooperation to construct a mixed-oxide (MOX) 20-04-2005 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE JAPAN JNFL MOX ROKKASHO
A bill that will introduce a tax on spent fuel stored 11-06-2003 WNAN AFVAL ON SITE STORAGE JAPAN KOSTEN KERNENERGIE KYUSHU, JAPAN WETGEVING
A draft ordinance to hold a referendum 19-09-2001 WNAN JAPAN MIYAMA REFERENDUM
A draft report by the Natural Resources & Energy Agency 19-05-2004 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE ENERGIE JAPAN ONDERZOEK
A draft revised long-term national nuclear plan has been issued 20-10-2004 WNAN AFVAL BOVENGRONDSE OPSLAG ENERGIEBELEID KE JAPAN KOSTEN VERGELIJKING OPWERKING REGERING
A floating complex for reprocessing liquid radioactive waste 21-11-2001 WNAN JAPAN RUSLAND SCHEPEN/ONDERZEEËRS
A full review of inspections that have been conducted 26-02-2003 WNAN CENSUUR JAPAN TEPCO VEILIGHEID-ONDERZOEK
A full-scale investigation has confirmed the viability of constructing 20-09-2006 WNAN AFVAL ALGEMEEN AFVAL ONDERGRONDSE OPSLAG JAPAN ONDERZOEK
A further one-year delay in the construction of the Shimane-3 17-12-2003 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE JAPAN SHIMANE, JAPAN
A high court ruling has blocked the re-start of Japan's Monju fast breeder react 22-01-2003 WNAN JAPAN MONJU, JAPAN ONGELUKKEN KERNCENTRALES OPSTARTEN RECHTZAKEN VEILIGHEID REACTOR
A Japanese government panal has approved the construction of a new nuclear power 16-05-2001 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE JAPAN KAMINOSEKI REGERING
A long-term energy plan will be compiled 23-04-2003 WNAN ENERGIEBELEID KE JAPAN
A nationwide review of light water reactor (LWR) 21-11-2001 WNAN CHUBU EPCO HAMAOKA, JAPAN JAPAN MITSUBISHI VEILIGHEID-ONDERZOEK
A new system for examining quality assurance 14-08-2002 WNAN JAPAN VEILIGHEID REACTOR
A nuclear energy basic research coordination centre Atoms in Japan, 13 January 18-01-2006 WNAN ENERGIEBELEID KE JAEA JAPAN
A proposal to maximise the use of the country's nuclear power plants Atoms in Japan, 28 September 28-09-2005 WNAN BELANG KE IN ENERGIEPRODUCTIE ELEKTRICITEITSBEDRIJVEN JAPAN OPINIE ALGEMEEN WERKNEMERS
A proposed subsequent arrangement for the return of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel 03-10-2001 WNAN AFVAL TRANSPORT GROOT BRITANNIË JAPAN MOX NRC PLUTONIUM TAKAHAMA, JAPAN URANIUM ALGEMEEN
A proposed subsequent arrangement under US nuclear cooperation agreements 06-02-2002 WNAN AFVAL TRANSPORT BNFL DOE - USA EURATOM JAPAN KEPCO, JAPAN MOX VERDRAGEN
A reduction in the number of mandatory tests performed 19-06-2002 WNAN JAPAN TECHNISCH ALGEMEEN VEILIGHEID REACTOR VEILIGHEID-ONDERZOEK
A target date of February 2008 for the initial criticality of the Monju Nucleonics Week, 15 December 14-12-2005 WNAN JAEA JAPAN KOSTEN KERNENERGIE MONJU, JAPAN OPSTARTEN
An application for permission to decommission the Fugen Atoms in Japan, 7 November 15-11-2006 WNAN FUGEN ATR, JAPAN JAEA JAPAN NISA ONTMANTELING
An application has been submitted by Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) Atoms in Japan, 20 February 22-02-2006 WNAN JAPAN JNFL OPSTARTEN ROKKASHO
Aomori prefecture's Safety Check Investigative Commission 02-02-2005 WNAN JAPAN JNFL MOX ROKKASHO VEILIGHEID-ONDERZOEK
Approval to change Kyushu Electric Power Co's Genkai-3 Atoms in Japan, 13 September 14-09-2005 WNAN CHUBU EPCO GENKAI, JAPAN HAMAOKA, JAPAN JAPAN KYUSHU, JAPAN MOX NISA SHIMANE, JAPAN SPLIJTSTOFWISSELING
Areva and Japan Nuclear Fuels Ltd (JNFL) have signed an agreement Areva, 20 December 21-12-2005 WNAN AREVA GROUP JAPAN JNFL ROKKASHO VERDRAGEN
Areva has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Atoms in Japan, 22 November 29-11-2006 WNAN AREVA GROUP BRANDSTOF FABRICAGE FRANKRIJK IKATA, JAPAN JAPAN LA HAGUE, FRANKRIJK MITSUBISHI MOX OPWERKING
Areva has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd Areva, 28 September 27-09-2006 WNAN AREVA GROUP BRANDSTOF FABRICAGE JAPAN KYUSHU, JAPAN MITSUBISHI MOX
As expected, Kansai Electric Power Co has signed 24-03-2004 WNAN COGEMA JAPAN KEPCO, JAPAN CONTRACTEN MOX TAKAHAMA, JAPAN