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Omschrijving: nucleair non-proliferatie verdrag (internationaal)

Titel Auteur Datum Tijdschrift  categoriëen / verklein selectie
A new pricing amendment to the Russian highly enriched uranium 07-11-2001 WNAN HOOG VERRIJKT U (HEU) CONTRACTEN NPV RUSLAND USEC VS
A senior Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Q.Khan has admitted 11-02-2004 WNAN CENTRIFUGES KHAN, ABDUL QADIR NPV PAKISTAN
Australia will tighten its uranium supply rules as part of new non-proliferation 05-05-2005 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT NPV URANIUM ALGEMEEN
Iran has been given until 31 October by the International Atomic Energy Agency 10-09-2003 WNAN IAEA IRAN NPV SAFEGUARDS
Iran removed seals from the Natanz nuclear facility in order to resume BBC News Online, 10 January 05-01-2006 WNAN IRAN NATANZ NPV ONDERZOEK OPSTARTEN
Libya has joined the list of countries to sign an Additional Protocol 10-03-2004 WNAN IAEA LIBIË NPV
North Korea has promised to give up its nuclear weapons program BBC News Online, 19 September 14-09-2005 WNAN ENERGIEBELEID KE IAEA NOORD KOREA NPV POLITIEK EN BELEID SAFEGUARDS
North Korea has withdrawn from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)... Daily Telegraph, 14 January, p12 14-01-2003 WNAN IAEA NOORD KOREA NPV VS
North Korea threatened to resume building nuclear reactors 06-06-2001 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE NOORD KOREA NPV VS
North Korean again threatened to pull out of its 1994 non-proliferation agreemen 14-08-2002 WNAN BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE ELECTRICITEIT NOORD KOREA NPV VS
The Cabinet has approved a draft agreement with Iran 20-08-2003 WNAN BUSHEHR, IRAN IRAN NPV RUSLAND VERDRAGEN
The Senate voted 85-12 to approve the US-India Civilian Nuclear Agreement Associated Press, 17 November 15-11-2006 WNAN IAEA INDIA NPV PARLEMENT SAFEGUARDS SAMENWERKING VERDRAGEN VS
The US-Russian high-enriched uranium (HEU) agreement 16-04-2003 WNAN HOOG VERRIJKT U (HEU) KERNWAPENS NPV RUSLAND VERDRAGEN VS