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45 of the 49 scoping holes that have been drilled at the Honeymoon 14-04-2004 WNAN AUSTRALIË HONEYMOON ISL ONDERZOEK SOUTHERN CROSS RESOURCES URANIUM VOORRAAD & PRIJS
46 people were charged with trespass 12-12-2001 WNAN ACTIES AUSTRALIË LUCAS HEIGHTS
A call for the country to consider using nuclear as the most obvious 20-04-2005 WNAN AUSTRALIË LOBBY CAMPAGNES
A call for the government to conduct a feasibility study 24-08-2005 WNAN AUSTRALIË ENERGIEBELEID KE ONDERZOEK POLITIEK EN BELEID REGERING
A fire at Western Mining Corp's (WMC's) Olympic Dam 17-10-2001 WNAN AUSTRALIË ONGELUKKEN REST ROXBY DOWNS WMC
A landmark agreement on the long-term management of the Jabiluka 23-02-2005 WNAN AUSTRALIË ERA INHEEMSE VOLKEN JABILUKA VERDRAGEN
A listed exploration company - Havilah Resources 22-09-2004 WNAN AUSTRALIË LOBBY BEDRIJVEN
A Parliamentary Senate Committee has released a comprehensive report 15-10-2003 WNAN AUSTRALIË ONDERZOEK PARLEMENT REGERING URANIUM MIJNBOUW WETGEVING
A plant to process lateritic ore will be constructed at the Ranger uranium mine ERA, 29 November 29-11-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË ERA RANGER URANIUM VOORRAAD & PRIJS
A report by the Office of the Supervising Scientist (OSS) 17-04-2002 WNAN AUSTRALIË BESMETTING ERA JABILUKA ONDERZOEK OSS RANGER
A review of the environmental impacts of the in-situ acid leach 09-07-2003 WNAN AUSTRALIË ISL URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Aboriginal communities in Western Australia are discussing Australian Financial Review, 28 June 27-06-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË INHEEMSE VOLKEN RIO TINTO ZINC URANIUM MIJNBOUW
An agreement has been signed settling the outstanding issues 12-05-2004 WNAN AUSTRALIË LASERVERRIJKING ONDERZOEK VERDRAGEN
An environmental licence for sxr Uranium One's Honeymoon sxr Uranium One, 29 September 27-09-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË HONEYMOON ISL SXR URANIUM ONE INC VERGUNNINGEN
An operating licence for the new OPAL research reactor ANSTO, 14 July 12-07-2006 WNAN ANSTO AUSTRALIË ONDERZOEKSREACTOREN VERGUNNINGEN
Areva of France has indicated that it is in exploratory talks with WMC 23-02-2005 WNAN AREVA GROUP AUSTRALIË KOSTEN KERNENERGIE OVERNAME ROXBY DOWNS WMC
Areva of France has resumed discussions with traditional landowners 25-05-2005 WNAN AREVA GROUP AUSTRALIË INHEEMSE VOLKEN KOONGARRA MORATORIUM
Areva/ Cogema will initiate discussions with traditional landowners 09-02-2005 WNAN AREVA GROUP AUSTRALIË INHEEMSE VOLKEN KOONGARRA
Argentina: The foreign Affairs Committee of the Argentine Congress... SpentFUEL, 4 November, p4; see also NB 01.33-4 05-11-2002 WNAN AFVAL ALGEMEEN ARGENTINIE AUSTRALIË COGEMA OPWERKING VERDRAGEN
As part of the country's review of the future of uranium mining 08-11-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË URANIUM VOORRAAD & PRIJS
Austalia is 'destined under all governments to be mining uranium... The Australian , 4 May 04-05-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË ENERGIEBELEID KE EXPORT MILIEUGROEPEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia and China have signed two agreements that open the way International Herald Tribune, 3 April 29-03-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË CHINA EXPORT SAFEGUARDS URANIUM ALGEMEEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW VERDRAGEN
Australia and Czech Republic have signed a bilateral agreement 01-08-2001 WNAN AUSTRALIË TSJECHIE VERDRAGEN
Australia could have a nuclear power reactor in operation in as little as ten ye DPMC, 21 November 15-11-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË BOUW VAN KERNCENTRALE ENERGIE ONDERZOEK REGERING URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia exported a total of 9239.1 tonnes U308 (7834.4 tU) during 2001... FreshFUEL, 28 Jan, p4; NucNet Business News, 7/02, 24 Jan 29-01-2002 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT URANIUM ALGEMEEN URANIUM MIJNBOUW URANIUM OXYDE YELLOW CAKE
Australia exported a total of 9239.1 tonnes U3O8 (7834.4) during 2001 23-01-2002 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT URANIUM VOORRAAD & PRIJS
Australia is reportedly close to signing an agreement with China International Herald Tribune, 14 March 08-03-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË CHINA EXPORT URANIUM ALGEMEEN
Australia may start exporting uranium to Mexico within four or five years 04-10-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT MEXICO URANIUM MIJNBOUW
Australia will tighten its uranium supply rules as part of new non-proliferation 05-05-2005 WNAN AUSTRALIË EXPORT NPV URANIUM ALGEMEEN