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Bipartisan US approach to energy policy2005-01-01
Ethical issues in disposal of radioactive wastes2003-02-01
New reactor project changes horses2005-01-01
US plants continue uprating their capacity2003-02-01Nucleonicx Week 19/12/02
US vitrification plant closes down2003-02-01Radwaste Solutions, Jan/Feb 2003
British Energy rescue deal2003-02-01BE 28/11/& 12/12/02, Times, FT 29/11/02, NucNet business...
Alaska to pioneer small reactor2005-01-01
Hydrogen production development2005-01-01
Depleted uranium classified as waste2005-01-01
New Russian reactor starts up2005-01-01
French nuclear output increases2003-02-01NucNet news # 9/03, ESAA data
French energy debate announced. NucNet news # 21/032003-02-01Nucleonics Week 16/1/03, NucNet news # 21/03
Sweden approves MOX use2003-02-01NucNet news # 399/02, NuclearFuel 6/1/03
Belgian senate confirms nuclear phase-out from 20152003-02-01NucNet news # 27 & 32/03, Ux Weekly 20/1/03
Bulgaria shuts down older nuclear units2003-02-01TradeTech NMR 3/1/03, Ux Weekly 6/1/03, Nuclear Eng Int'l...
Finance package for second Romanian power reactor2003-02-01NucNet news #386/02, Ux Weekly 16/12/02, TradeTech NMR...
Russian loan for Ukrainian power reactors2003-02-01NecNet business news # 40, 88 & 94/02, news # 116 & 359/02
Lithuania strategy for nuclear replacement2003-02-01NucNet news # 325/02 & 24/03
Lithuanian reactor shut down for EU2005-01-01
Poland revives nuclear plans2005-01-01
Russia signs nuclear agreement with Egypt2005-01-01
New South Korean reactor on line2005-01-01
Japan's Hamaoka-5 begins commercial operation2005-01-01
Two new Chinese reactors in operation2003-02-01NucNet news # 19/03
France and Japan co-operate on new reactor2003-02-01Atoms in Japan, November 2002
Delay for APWRs in Japan2003-02-01Atoms in Japan Aug 2002, Ux Weekly 17/6/02
South Kora - Vietnam nuclear agreement2003-02-01TradeTech NMR 15/11/02
North Korea threatens return to plutonium production2003-02-01media reports December & January, cf appendix to Safeguards
British Energy lines up sale of Bruce Power2003-02-01BE 23/12/02, Cameco 23/12/02
Ontario's Bruce A reactors cleared to restart2003-02-01CNA Nuclear Canada 8/1/03
Japan looks double nuclear share by 20502005-01-01
India's Kalpakkam nuclear site hit by tsunami2005-01-01
Major partners increase share of Canadian mine project2005-01-01
Canadian 2004 uranium production2005-01-01
Uranium production down2003-02-01WMCR 14/1/03, ERA 28/1/03
Australian repository EIS concluded2003-02-01DEST 23/1/03
Brazil opens uranium enrichment plant2003-02-01Ux Weekly 16/12/02, NucNet background # 17/02
Uranium price back above US$ 10 mark2003-02-01Ux weekly 23 & 30/12/02,TradeTech NMR 31/12/02,Platts 2/1/03
Australian 2004 uranium production record2005-01-01
Uranium prices and reactor changes2005-01-01
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